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    Sorry if I missed an earlier post about this, but...

    I was trying to place some mine track over a grated hopper like you do with a vanilla hopper, and it didn't work for me.
    I also tried torches, redstone dust, etc, and it worked with vanilla hoppers, but not grated hoppers or ducts (I didn't expect it to work for ducts, actually, but I decided to try it out). Carpet works though. :)

    Is this intentional, or am I doing something wrong?
    Thanks for the most useful/unobtrusive Minecraft mod I've downloaded, btw. :)
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    Quote from troyboy50

    Just tried them both together and I was able to get them working fine.
    Make sure you're doing the installation correctly, here's what I did:
    1. Install the latest forge normally using its installer
    2. Open the LiteLoader installer and use "Extract" to put the LiteLoader jar in /.minecraft/mods/1.7.2/ - Forge should load LiteLoader and their mods will run together.
    3. Put both the Autofish mod and the Fishing Nets mod in the mods folder as normal
    4. Launch the game from the "Forge" profile it created.

    Awesome, it works, thanks. :)
    When I ran the LiteLoader installer originally, I just told it to install, rather than extract. Once I extracted, as you suggested, it worked like a charm.
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    I wanted to use Autofish in conjunction with the Fishing Nets mod by Duke605, as they seem to be a perfect combination. But there seems to be a conflict between LiteLoader and Fishing Nets. I mentioned it on the Fishing Nets page, and Duke605 said:

    "LiteLoader is not designed for this kind of mod. LiteLoader is designed for client side mods only."

    Does anyone know how I might be able to run these two mods together?
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