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    I've never particularly cared about what the 'fans' think, and probably never will.

    I love this mod and I appreciate q3hardcore for reviving it, however this is hard to swallow.

    Unlike other platforms, I put a lot of effort into making sure XCommands is compatible with *everything*.

    Isn't Forge compatible with *everything*?..Oh wait, it's not compatible with Better than Wolves...nvm. This actually is part of the bigger underlying problem within the mod community. Yeah, Forge may come off as the bully on the scene and it may not be up to your standards, but it has provided players literally YEARS of entertainment, far more than most AAA games on the market. It has established itself as the most popular api for Minecraft and for you to significantly change course for an awesome mod is quite reckless. Don't get me wrong, I admire your independent attitude, but sometimes we have to fall in.

    You will be missed by many people Coral Reef.

    -Long time fan who happens to use forge
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    UPDATE: I just realized... I run at 60 FPS on normal view distance only when I full screen my game with optifine... My FPS crawls at 5 with normal minecraft full screen...

    Some games run better in fullscreen, some don't. In my experience, fullscreen is the way to go. Minecraft is one of those games (for me) that runs better in fullscreen. That's why I have Multimc and optifine auto maximize when I start the game. From my understanding, if you have a game set to 1080p, then it's easier for the videocard to render the game in fullscreen 1080p then a window that's not actually 1080p. If you play the game at a lower resolution (much lower), then window mode might be better.
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