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    Server Information

    • IP:
    • Server Locale: Mid West (US)

    About Us

    PDem Survival is an established MineCraft community that has a focus on keeping the game 100% survival and player experience as close as possible to vanilla. We have been playing our current survival map since September, 2018. And plan on continuing the current map into the new 1.14 update. Our world is vast, and our spawn island is a beautiful starting area filled with player shops, and public farms. Our in-game economy is based around diamonds and trust. Building a shop at spawn is a great way to generate extra diamonds! There are a few small additions that we feel do-not take away from the survival experience. (See "Plugins" below).

    Server Rules

    • No Stealing
    • No Griefing / Destroying Property that isn't yours
    • No Entering Players Bases/Storage Rooms without permission from the player
    • No hacks/cheating/exploits of any kind


    The only permissions granted to staff members is for administrative purposes in the event of a broken rule, all staff play in 100% survival. There are a few minor plugins which we feel do not take away from the vanilla experience of the game.

    These include:

    • Single Player Sleep (Only 1 person in bed to skip night)
    • Armor Stand Book (Modifies armor stand poses & position for decorations)
    • Decorative Heads (Donor perk, each head costs 1 diamond)
    • Dynmap (Live map of our server)
    • Elytra from Enderdragon (Most end cities have been looted, requiring you to go out many thousands of blocks. Instead, respawning, fighting, and killing the enderdragon will drop 1 set of elytra)
    • Discord -> MC (Links a channel in our discord with MC, also used to apply to the server)
    • Coreprotect (Administration. Protects you from theft & grief)

    If you'd like to join, simply connect and check things out. Building privileges are only granted to those connected and who have applied through our discord.

    Hope to see you online!

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