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    We like villagers so much, we let them name our server.

    Hrrmcraft is a semi-vanilla SMP server running Minecraft 1.16, on hard difficulty.

    We're looking for friendly, mature(ish), community-minded players to join us in creating a robust, vibrant, interactive world. We're a new (1.16) Semi-Vanilla SMP server (the server is located in London) looking for players to join us as we lay the foundations for a community-centric world we can call home.

    Community is at the heart of what we want to create—everything from building an economy, creating and competing in minigames, ongoing challenges, group build projects, community events, epic pranks, and just having fun with other like-minded Minecraft players as we explore the world we're building together. Consider this our “Season One,” with an entirely new map full of unexplored wilderness just ready and waiting for your epic build.

    If you're looking for a community-driven, community-lead server with a friendly, trusting environment based on fair play, honesty, and the goal of building a buzzing, vigorous, engaging world with the focus being on fun, interaction, and player involvement, we're looking for you. We believe that what you get out of an experience reflects what you put into it, and want players who share a similar philosophy.

    A lot of servers are advertising themselves as “Hermitcraft-inspired” or “Hermitcraft-like,” and that’s awesome—it makes sense that people would want to play on a server that mirrors the online home of some of the most popular Minecraft YouTube creators out there. There’s one important factor that I think a lot of servers are missing out on: in order to have a Hermitcraft-like server, you need Hermitcraft-like players.

    To support that idea, we’re looking to recruit players who are interested in collaborating to create a vibrant, active, engaging world with plenty of opportunities for interaction. We’re not looking for lurkers, bystanders, or people waiting for someone else to do something cool—we’re looking for people who will take initiative on their own ideas, actively support other player’s efforts, and come together to make our server a place we can all call home for a long time to come.

    We are a private, whitelisted server (friendly to content creators, though there will be occasional “mature language”), and as such have a (brief but required) application process.

    Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12E6mQJmL98tLSb822Sqpr8ljCGDvdAP8ljkJ2ANFdUY/edit?usp=sharing

    Application: https://forms.gle/oKQVs5CfpxA7APZYA

    Why join us? All the cool kids are doing it. Also:

      • You’ll have access to all vanilla mechanics. Bedrock breaking? Yes. TNT duping? Also yes. Zero-tick farms? That went the way of the zombie pigman in 1.16 (Fs in chat), so (to reflect vanilla mechanics), no.
      • We have an active, dedicated, and knowledgeable admin team working behind the scenes. If you’ve ever played on a server with an “absentee admin” problem, you know how frustrating that can be. That won’t happen on Hrrmcraft. Also, our staff are not (and never will be) power hungry, cheating dicks. We hate that.
      • The Overworld is pre-generated out to a 20k border. Pre-generation prevents lag caused when new chunks are explored, so you can head out for the great unknown secure in the knowledge that you won’t be able to blame any “mishaps” on lag (because there won’t be any).
      • This border should provide plenty of room (especially for our “Season One,”) but should the need present itself, the border can be moved (or unused parts of the world inside the border reset to generate new content introduced in future updates, etc.)
      • Our admin team will be designing and building the occasional curiosity (quests, events, dungeons, that sort of thing) for use by the players (we encourage our members to do the same!). There’s already a (small) community iron farm, free food (well, mushroom stew is food, right?), and a couple of uniquely designed xp farms at our spawn. Uniquely designed? Yup. Other servers may have cookie-cutter skeleton farm designs (and that’s fine, but)…
    we have THE WELL OF BONES!

    Last, but so way not least, this is a labor of love, with lots of attention paid to little details. Like what?

        • Stuff like auto-replenishing chest loot—looted chests will reset themselves anywhere from twelve hours to two days (real time) after being looted. The same player will not be able to loot the same chest over and over again, but players will be able to loot chests that are new to them.
        • Invisible item frames.
        • Mob heads that can be harvested “naturally” from the hapless creature whose head you want to dance around in.
        • Custom villager trades designed to enhance (not replace) a healthy player economy.
        • A seed that was carefully chosen after extensive research (ngl, it's dope).

    These are just an example—there are a lot of other behind-the-scenes tweaks intended to enhance play. In addition to our whitelist, we’re protected against grief (accidental or otherwise) by CoreProtect, backups are made daily and stored both on the server and in the cloud. Server software and plugins are updated as soon as stable versions are released. Stuff like that.

    We heart Hrrmcraft. We think you will too.

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