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    posted a message on PvP not getting enabled.

    So this is my first post, I'm starting already with what i wanna say:

    My server doesn't let PvP enabled. I don't know what is happening and i have this a long time. i would love for one response at least.

    Plugins (45): Itemizer, BukkitCore, WorldEdit, VoidTeleport, Skript, UReport, PlayerServer, PlaceholderAPI, JumpPads, SkQuery, WorldGuard, ProtocolLib, Multiverse-Core, ChatReaction, ajParkour, ccInstantRespawn, SuperTrails, KitPreview, ChatFeelings, PermissionsEx, MineResetLite, Vault, BackToTheRoots, ProtocolSupport, WatchCat, BlockParticles, Essentials, BKCommonLib, Item2Chat, PerWorldInventory, HolographicDisplays, TuSKe, Citizens, skRayFall, Shopkeepers, CustomHeads, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsChat, TAB, MegaChatColor, PlayerVaults, CombatLogX, EssentialsSpawn, CitizensCMD, Duels

    Yes i checked essentials, yes i checked worldguard, it's enabled on the website self.


    Posted in: Server Support and Administration
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