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    posted a message on Trigger-happy admins
    "Seriously, how about you tell me you don't like swastikas before permabanning me?"

    Stopped reading right there. I don't see the problem in banning you in this case, to be honest. I wouldn't hesitate if I saw you making swastikas.
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    posted a message on Griefers - Caught on tape
    Munther was griefing my server too. He got banned before he got to do any real damage though.
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    posted a message on (Reborn with New Management!) Minecraft Translation Project
    Okay, this is the swedish translation;

    Resume Game = Återuppta Spelet
    Generate New Level = Generera Ny Bana
    Save Level = Spara Nivå
    Load Level = Ladda Nivå
    Options = Inställningar
    Music = Musik
    Sound = Ljud
    Invert Mouse = Invertera Mus
    Show Frame Rate = Visa Bildhastighet
    Render Distance (View Distance) = Renderingsavstånd
    Forward = Framåt
    Back = Bakåt
    Left = Vänster
    Right = Höger
    Jump = Hoppa
    Build = Bygg
    Chat = Chatta
    Save Location = Spara Position
    Load Location = Ladda Position
    Toggle View Distance (Fog) = Ändra Renderingsavstånd
    Small = Liten
    Normal = Normal
    Huge = Stor
    Far = Långt
    Short = Kort
    Tiny = Jätteliten
    Select block = Välj block
    Enter level name = Ange banans namn
    Save = Spara
    Cancel = Avbryt
    Getting level list = Hämtar nivå-lista
    Failed to load levels = Hämtning av nivåer misslyckades
    Connecting = Ansluter
    The level is corrupt! = Den här nivån är skadad!
    Generating Level = Genererar Bana
    Loading Level = Laddar Bana
    Reading Level = Läser Bana
    Raising = Höjer
    Eroding = Gräver
    Carving = Hugger
    Soiling = Fodrar
    Growing = Växer
    Planting = Planterar
    Melting = Smälter
    Flooding (in-game Watering) = Bevattnar
    Chunk updates = Bituppdateringar
    Failed to connect, you failed to connect to the server. It's probably down! = Anslutningen misslyckades, du misslyckades med att ansluta till servern. Den är antagligen nere!
    Failed to load level, it may be corrupted = Misslyckades med att ladda banan, den kan vara skadad
    Failed to load options (settings) = Misslyckades med att ladda inställningar
    Failed to save options (settings) = Misslyckades med att spara inställningar
    The working directory could not be created = Katalogen kunde inte skapas
    Failed to start Minecraft = Misslyckades med att starta Minecraft
    The game broke! = Spelet har slutat fungera!
    Bad command = Ogiltigt kommando
    Disconnected! = Anslutningen avbröts
    You've lost connection to the server = Du har förlorat anslutning till servern
    You were kicked! = Du blev kickad!
    You were banned! = Du blev bannad!
    Errors (Obscure):
    Failed to load texture for [generic noun] = Misslyckades med att ladda textur för [generic noun] 
    Loading texture for [generic noun] = Laddar textur för [generic noun]
    Releasing texture for [generic noun] = Frigör textur för [generic noun]
    HOOOOLY ****! = HERREJÄVLAR! (This one could be left in English in my opinion)

    Let me know if there's something wrong or if you need anything else :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on The Music
    I love the music. It reminds me of Spirited Away, or Howl's Moving Castle. Especially when you look at the sea in the distance while listening to it.
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    posted a message on Skin Request - Peon from Warcraft
    Thanks alot, it looks great :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Skin Request - Peon from Warcraft
    Anyone willing to take on this project? This skin would be awesome, so I'd appreciate any attempts.

    This is what a peon looks like:

    The shirt can be red like in the picture.
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    posted a message on Griefer Master Blacklist
    Quote from Deadl0ck »
    I'm curious... a server can easily become quite full, especially with people building big structures.

    Griefing is classified as someone destroying something someone else built. But, isn't the entire concept of minecraft to build something that isn't permanent?

    I mean, sure it's obvious when someone just randomly destroys stuff that they're out to grief, but what if you're building something, need a bit more space, and there is some wierd thing that has no clear concept at all, that nobody is working on, next to your structure, in the way?

    I don't know about others, but I would ask an OP if I could have permission to remove it since no one has ever used it.
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    posted a message on Impossible for me to create a server?
    Quote from stickzanimator »
    Hello. I want to create a privite server, and I recently found out I need port fowarding. I know for a fact that I cannot do port fowarding (I have tried for other games that require this for servers.) since I don't know my router's password. So, as far as i'm concerned, it's impossible for me to create one. If their is another way or if someone can help me, PLEASE say so in this thread. Thank you. Also, I was wondering as an alternate solution if someone who can make a server make me one please?

    There should be a very small button somewhere on the back of your router (a hole, about the same size as a needle). Use a needle or a pencil or anything and push that button for 10 seconds, and it should reset your router to it's original settings. The router password will be the default (you are gonna have to check with your manufacturer, but it's usually empty or just "admin") but all settings will also be reset.

    I'm sorry, but if you don't know the password it'll be hard to figure something out.
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    posted a message on Timed server activation?
    I'm thinking this could solve the annoyance of all the spawn prisons. Let's say the last OP is leaving, but a few people are still in there building so he just leaves the server after closing the prison, knowing that the server automatically shuts down in a few hours when the other players are done for the night.

    I'm using Windows XP.

    EDIT: Typos.
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    posted a message on Timed server activation?
    Is there some application or script that you can use in some way to make your server go up, say 07:00 AM and close down at 00:00 AM? This would be really useful.
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    posted a message on Troubles with hosting a server
    I'm hijacking my own thread, since my original problem got solved. I'm wondering what might be wrong, because no one except me can connect to my server. It just says connecting, until it gets aborted saying that the server is probably down. I've shut down every possible firewall, so what else could be wrong?

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    posted a message on Skin Request - Emo
    Awesome, it looks great. Thanks alot :smile.gif: That pale skin idea was good though, you think you could make it slightly paler? I don't want it to be snow-white though, if you catch my drift? Thanks once again.
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    posted a message on Skin Request - Emo
    Normal skin is fine.
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    posted a message on Skin Request - Emo
    A white skull or something as a motif on the t-shirt would be appreciated as well!
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    posted a message on Skin Request - Emo
    Well, I guess it's supposed to be pretty "normal" except for the fact that he has black clothes and black hair, perhaps with some of the hair covering one of the eyes but that's not too important if it looks weird.
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