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    posted a message on Whatever happend to APB?
    I played this game from day 1 (2 days before release even), to the end.

    The problems were many. First of all there were severe balancing problems. Matchmaking was complete ******** at times, and some weapons did insane damage and/or stamina damage at a ridiculous range (NL9, anyone?).
    Then we had the driving. Personally, I didn't have a problem with it but according to many players who were used to other driving games, the steering felt very slippery and slow.
    The gameplay was also okay for me, but alot of people complained about it being repetitive and boring.

    Finally, we have the biggest problem of all: Cheaters. They were everywhere. And the worst thing about this was that Realtime Worlds couldn't care less about it. Now when we know what happened to them I can have some understanding for their reasoning, they had way bigger problems to worry about.

    Despite all of these problems, I still have some affection for this game. I can honestly say that I've never had more fun with a game before. All the wild car chases and intense gunfire battles, jumping between rooftops and climbing over fences as you ran through narrow alleyways chasing your target.. I really miss it. The game had its flaws, but with some polishing it could have been amazing. In addition, playing this with your friends even enhanced the experience. That feeling when you beat the other team with like one point, or with just a few seconds left on the timer.. Wow.

    A week or so before the final announcement of the game coming to an end, a major patch was released. Believe it or not, but this patch fixed alot of the problems that plagued this game from day 1. They added recoil to all the weapons, which also fixed many of the balancing problems. New sound effects were added for all weapons, and if I'm not mistaken, "pure skill"-servers were implemented.
    But like I said, we only got to experience this patch for a few days before the servers went down.

    I have a lot more to say about this game, but this is already too long. I don't think the game will be the same after the relaunch, but we'll see. Hopefully they'll take care of the cheaters this time.
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    posted a message on Neues in der Beta
    god why can't he just speak american
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    posted a message on Minecraft is Educational
    Just wanted to say that this is a very interesting subject.

    Minecraft is a great way to explore and develop your creativity, while having fun at the same time. Although I don't believe that it, in its current state, could be used effectively in schools and such. There are many other games that focus more on economics and politics, if that's what you're looking for.

    However, I believe Minecraft has a lot of potential in the educational area when it comes to geometry/architecture and electronics. Especially if the redstone system is developed even further, and if we get different shapes of blocks to work with.
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    posted a message on Rate the Update!
    Gave it a 5.

    I don't really have a problem with this update except for the fact that I'm not overly excited about the changes. Nether is cool but is, to me, pretty much useless. No recipes to speak of, except the watch. The biomes are cool, but they are too small.

    Don't get me wrong here, I don't think the update is bad. I just think it's nothing special. I guess my expectations were too high, but that's my own fault. Notch did a good job with this update.
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    posted a message on Herobrine subplots [Updated. Polls Modifyed]
    Not too fond of this. I'm not even sure what all of this is. This is still Minecraft we're talking about, right?

    I don't see it as a problem that Minecraft has no plot. I play this game for other reasons. Something similar to what LtPepper said would be perfect though, just to get you started and so that you have something to do.
    Also, I don't think any mob should be like a 3 phase boss.

    I'm hoping Notch won't add this mob if this is how it's going to be implemented. So much talk about it and I don't see why.
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    posted a message on Minecraft! :D
    Well, I would suggest ignoring Survival Multiplayer completely since it's pretty broken at this point. Notch will fix it in a few weeks though.

    Singleplayer works fine though.
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    posted a message on We <3 underd0g
    Quote from Amaburakosagi »
    Quote from shawnachu »


    Indeed, sir.

    Good to see you again, Ama.

    I'll probably wait with survival multiplayer until all the bugs are fixed.
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    posted a message on Why did we beg for SMP to be released early?
    Quote from jofy »
    Quote from Supercharazard »
    Quote from jofy »
    I set my graphics to fancy and no fog and smp hasn't laged ounce on me I must be lucky I have such a good

    Don't boast, it's not your computer, it's the server host's computer, next time, don't lie.
    I'M not lieing while everyone else is lagging I'm perfecly fine on servers where everyone is lagging at the same time except me

    You're still wrong though. The lag is caused by high latency, so it's not your own computer that's the problem.
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    posted a message on So, You waking up early or anything for SMP tomorow
    I've recently discovered that I live like 20 minutes from Notch. So yeah, same time zone.

    I'll be sleeping all day though.
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    posted a message on We <3 underd0g
    Quote from Hoopla »
    Bump. Also, we are now running on vanilla software. Anyone's welcome to play.

    Why vanilla?
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    posted a message on Water - One of the few flaws of Minecraft.
    Quote from MercMan »
    Be glad water has physics. Otherwise, it could be like creative, and instantly rape a map, along with everything in it. The water isn't "broken", and Notch did a hell of job to get it where it is now. Can you script us up a "better" physics engine, perhaps?

    Don't get me wrong here, I am very satisfied with all the work Notch has done this far. But that logic simply doesn't work.

    That's like if I were to go to McDonalds and recieve a hamburger I was not happy with, complain about it, and then get a "Oh yeah? Well, make a better one yourself then!" from the staff.
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    posted a message on KRAKENS.
    That's not a kraken.

    You're a phoney. A big fat phoney.
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    posted a message on Issues with water. Help?

    This is a tunnel I've built. I want the water to flow into the tunnel and fill up the middle, but as you can see it stops flowing after a few blocks. Also, the current is in the opposite direction, so even if it DID fill up the tunnel I wouldn't be able to get out of there by boat.

    Is it possible to fill this tunnel with water in any way?

    Ignore the chicken, he was there telling me it'd never work but I'll prove him wrong.
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    posted a message on The RAINBOW BRIGADE (CMP Clan, 20 Members, server)
    Is this clan associated with the Pride festival in any way?

    If not, nevermind.
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    posted a message on Can't host?
    Quote from Darc_Wolf »
    Um, is there a way to open a port without calling my ISP? Or do I have to?

    I guess Port 25565 is closed.

    EDIT: And can anyone make SURE it's Port 25565? I don't wanna have them open the wrong one.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I'm an idiot.
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