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    Quote from xBublizZ

    The xbox is $499. thanks for trying.
    I'll stick with my mac/xbox360 version. The XB1 is the worst thing I have seen when it comes to gaming terms. Make it for PS4 and then we can talk.
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    It would be better for almost everybody if it was in florida. the hotels would be cheaper and it would be less frustrating. If it was is florida Me (along with like 20 friends) would be going. no doubt about it.
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    Quote from jmattbacon

    Beta was out ages ago, man! Are you living in Dec 2010 or something?

    Considering when that was the post date I would assume so. Why you bumped this thread? Not the slightest idea.
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    I haven't found the time to do this myself but I'd like to.
    Make a "town" around your house. instead of having a storage area in your house make a bakery for food, a storage 'shed' for random items. (keep your important stuff in your house.) unless you are insanely lucky like syndicate, find an area with a similar layout to his and make the buildings there. Make a Bakery, a Blacksmith, a Goldsmith, a Farm, or even a train station. Don't forget to make a jeweler for the diamonds :P
    so many things to add but some are hard to describe.
    Make a nice well and call it Ole' Glory, make a bridge from a mountain to another, call it a memorial, a Bridge of Dispare (have lava underneath) or maybe something original. Make a survival outpost far-ish away from your current house but dont bring anything from it. (make sure to be able to find your orig house again.) when you get a lot of stuff in the "survival outpost" make a rail to your old house.
    I'm stopping now because I have doubts you'll do everything I add. If you do something I said but you can't think of a name for it, name it after me :P
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    posted a message on How to find diamonds EASILY - A guide to help beginners
    Press F3.
    Go down to layer 12. (Y axis)
    mine in a straight line.
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