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    um... the map stays the same if you make another in the same 1000x1000 area
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    posted a message on jungles are impractical and nobody should like them as much as they do.
    Quote from Clicks

    I don't build bases in the jungle but I like them for a few reasons:
    - Good source of wood, vines and leaves
    - Jungle temples - Decent loot
    - Hidden caves. I've had to clear away shrubs to find the entrance to a cave.
    - Ocelots!

    If you're not intending to explore them, they are incredibly annoying to navigate through - but hey, so are real jungles :)

    these are the reasons that I like them. If I for some reason was going to live in a jungle biome as my main base, I'd either make it a treehouse or have it at the very tops of the trees going from tree to tree. I don't have a problem with lag and I have a 2.4 Gz intel core duo GPU.
    thinking of it I might make a new world just for that for the new experience.
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    posted a message on Internal exception java.net.SocketException: connection reset
    Quote from Twm757

    i think it may be because 1.3 is comeing out soon and it may be being launched right now

    same here man i was playing i on my m8 server i we then got kicked and now we cant play

    maybe 1.3 is being launched now

    1.3 coming out has nothing to do with it. All servers are player-hosted. I am having a similar problem but instead of at the end it saying something about socket it says "connection reset"
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    posted a message on Minecon 2012 Location Announced!
    Quote from AngerApe808

    Should have been in Disney world in Florida, then I could have gone.

    Same here, I'm only 45 mins away from Disney world. I was happy when I saw DisneyLand...then I realized it was "Land" and Paris...
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    posted a message on How to reduce lag Without downloading anything.. (NSYNc)
    Quote from Epicness1324

    Because everyone has the money to buy a new computer

    "new" has many different meanings. not saying a new $1500 gaming rig. it could be a used PC that is 2 years old but is better then yours.
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    posted a message on How to reduce lag Without downloading anything.. (NSYNc)
    buying a better computer would fix it.
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    posted a message on this is what i paid money for?

    i got killed by 2 zombies because this game is so slow. by the time i was able to move the cursor to the monsters to sword them, i was already dead. thats like 5 seconds to move the cursor accross the screen. this happened in alpha. ok, cant expect too much from a game so early in its creation. this happened in beta. ok, for sure they wil fix it before the full release. But still they havent fixed the horrible delay! its like im playing an online game with 5,000 other people in the same server. only, i was in single player mode, and not even connected to the internet!

    my labtop is newer than this game is, and i just reformated the harddrive. there are no non essential background programs, no viruses. i turned off the sound and have the video settings on absolute minimal. if a game cant run on an average computer, under optimal conditions, then thats pretty sad. if i had known when i bought this game that making the game run smoothly was not a priority and not something they wished to achieve before releasing it, then i would not have bought it.

    does anybody else agree with me or do all of you have top of the line gaming computers?

    Nah, I have a non-gaming macbook pro and I run MC at ~100 FPS. Yes you spent money on this. Yes your computer might be newer. Yes you need a better GPU.

    EDIT: sorry forgot to add my specs.

    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz
    Number Of Processors: 1
    L2 Cache: 3 MB
    Memory: 4 GB
    Bus Speed: 1.07 GHz
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    posted a message on will local servers replace singleplayer?
    I want to know how are we going to do local multiplayer. Are we going to have to tell the other person our IP address? Are they going to implement a friends list (I wish) that we can select our friend from and join session?

    1.3.1 I want a friends list.
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    Considering everything is made of the same block, it gets confusing if I'm not paying attention.
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    posted a message on What new ORE would you add to minecraft?
    More gems, like rubies (more durable then diamonds but rarer then emeralds). I'd have it so you have to have an iron furnace and use lava to smelt the rubies.

    limestone/granite have it in somewhat large numbers but make it so it looks good only when its a "block of granite" (all 8 squares filled in crafting table)
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    posted a message on What is a fun thing too do in single player?
    I haven't found the time to do this myself but I'd like to.
    Make a "town" around your house. instead of having a storage area in your house make a bakery for food, a storage 'shed' for random items. (keep your important stuff in your house.) unless you are insanely lucky like syndicate, find an area with a similar layout to his and make the buildings there. Make a Bakery, a Blacksmith, a Goldsmith, a Farm, or even a train station. Don't forget to make a jeweler for the diamonds :P
    so many things to add but some are hard to describe.
    Make a nice well and call it Ole' Glory, make a bridge from a mountain to another, call it a memorial, a Bridge of Dispare (have lava underneath) or maybe something original. Make a survival outpost far-ish away from your current house but dont bring anything from it. (make sure to be able to find your orig house again.) when you get a lot of stuff in the "survival outpost" make a rail to your old house.
    I'm stopping now because I have doubts you'll do everything I add. If you do something I said but you can't think of a name for it, name it after me :P
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    posted a message on ★★★★★ PhanaticMC Network ★★★★★ skyblock skygrid factions creative minigames + more
    username: uncirculated
    why do I want to join? : Skyblock is supposedly fun right?
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    posted a message on How to find diamonds EASILY - A guide to help beginners
    Press F3.
    Go down to layer 12. (Y axis)
    mine in a straight line.
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    posted a message on Removing creepers
    This stops creepers from spawning.


    This (I think) is towny. If tnt/creepers blowup in a "towny" it regenerates the block they destroyed.
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    Probably when I built my first house on a mountain overlooking the sea. I decided to jump into the "sea" that was only 1 block deep sadly.
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