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    Correlated Potentialistics is a minimalistic Applied Energistics-like mod for 1.8.9 and 1.9.4. What this means, is it adds a storage system based around digitizing items, allowing you to store tons of items in a small space that are conveniently accessible, through a single scrollable/searchable GUI.

    This mod is intended to be used alongside a mod like JustEnoughItems, as there is no recipe guide.

    This mod does NOT include a way to generate RF. You will need another mod like Progressive Automation or BuildCraft to generate RF. The game will crash if you try to load the mod without an RF mod installed.


    The mod is also available from GitHub and my Maven repo, if the above widget is broken.

    Quick Primer for people familiar with AE2

    • Storage math is basically identical to AE2.
    • There are no cables, contact is the only way to make a network work.
    • You need a controller. There are no adhoc networks.
    • There's no Cell Workbench, instead just right-click a drive you're holding to configure it.
    • Priority is configured per-drive rather than per-drive bay.
    • What AE2 calls a "Drive" I call a "Drive Bay", what they call a "Cell" I call a "Drive".
    • Processors are found in dungeon/stronghold/nether fortress/jungle temple chests.

    More in-depth explanation

    See the wiki.


    Yes, go ahead. If you ask, I'll tell you no since you're wasting my time. Put it in any modpack, large or small, public or private.

    Read the license for more detail. (It's the LGPLv3.)


    You can find me in #unascribed on EsperNet, don't be afraid to ping me if you need help.

    You can also make an issue on the GitHub repo, or just reply to this thread.


    (Also available as an imgur album)

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    posted a message on Backlytra — Elytra for 1.7.10 and 1.8.9 & Elytra Sounds for 1.9

    Backports 1.9.2 Elytra to 1.8.9, 1.7.10, and 1.9. Supports vanilla resource packs to override texture and sound, works with capes, has Quark-style dyeing, everything. Craftable by default, can be configured.

    The 1.9 version only backports the sounds, if you want dyes and recipes see Craftable Elytra and Quark.

    The 1.7.10 version doesn't support non-default Elytra textures, from either capes or player info.

    If you enjoy my mods, please support me on Patreon!

    You may include this mod in any modpack, public or private, commercial or noncommercial, terrestrial or extraterrestrial. I appreciate attribution (i.e. a link to this page) but it is not required.

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    It adds a little glass pane icon to the bottom-right of the Options menu. If you click that, you're brought to the Glass Pane Test Harness, which is made completely using Glass Pane. It's basically a showcase for all the components and features that come with Glass Pane by default; buttons, progress bars, checkboxes, shadowboxes (animated backgrounds), sliders, etc.

    I plan on making either a video series or a text tutorial series (probably text) to demonstrate Glass Pane, but I haven't had the time to do it yet.
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    If you were directed here to download Glass Pane as a mod depends on it, you can download it on the GitHub releases page. (GlassPane-1.0.jar)

    If you want to see what Glass Pane can do, you can download PaneHarness from the GitHub releases page. (PaneHarness-1.0.jar) It adds a color-shifting glass pane in the bottom-right of the options menu - click that to go into the testing area.

    I've made a quick GFY that shows some of the things in PaneHarness. I was a bit quick so that the GIF didn't get too big, if you want to see all the features you'll have to install PaneHarness.

    Details for modders follows.

    Glass Pane is a GUI framework for modders using Minecraft Forge to create appealing and powerful GUIs quickly and easily.

    If you've used Swing, or Minecraft's default GuiScreen, you should feel right at home.

    A note about the version number: Glass Pane is v1.0 since this is the first public release. I've been using it for private mods and local development for a number of months with no issues. It should be safe for production use, but if you find any bugs be sure to leave a bug report on our GitHub.

    Example code:
    public class PaneHello extends GlassPane {
    public PaneHello() {
    PaneLabel hello = new PaneLabel("Hello, Glass Pane!");

    All you would have to do to display that Glass Pane you just created:
    new PaneHello().show();


    One of the most powerful (and main) features of Glass Pane is overlays. They're simple to use:
    new PaneHello().overlay();
    That will create your Hello pane, and put it in front of the current screen, be it a Glass Pane or a plain vanilla GuiScreen. This means that the text 'Hello, Glass Pane!' will show up on top!

    There are also sticky overlays. These are used by calling stickyOverlay() on a Glass Pane. A sticky overlay won't disappear when screens change, and has to be manually removed by using hide().

    In addition, there are modal overlays. These are intended for use with yes/no dialogs; they will put the pane in front of the current screen and all of it's overlays, with a dark background.

    There isn't a formal tutorial yet, and this post only scratches the surface of what Glass Pane can do. If you want to play with Glass Pane, download the PaneHarness mod and play around with all of the default components and features!


    All the source for Glass Pane is available over at our GitHub repository.

    The Minecraft Forum post editor makes me want to destroy something
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