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    posted a message on this is why we dont dig under ourselves
    I was in a cave, i had alot of :Diamond: , I was lost so i started digging a staitway up. I dug into a lava pool and all of my diamonds went up in flames.
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    posted a message on 1.8 is Now Out!
    OMG 1.8 came on my b-day! :lol: YAY for 1.8!
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] FlipJumpPlateMod v1.0
    see can you please put pictures in? it is just for security reasons.
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    posted a message on --(********[PUZ] STONE GARGOYLE'S LAIR MAP 450+ DL********)--
    sure i'll check it out. I'll give my review when i finish it.

    Edit: Pretty nice map, the only thing that is missing is some story but other than that it is fine!
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    posted a message on Mod Spotlight: Water Shader
    This is an Amazing mod! I love eet!
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    posted a message on Slimeville City v0.1 Now avaliable for download!
    Quote from stustu242

    Sorry, not doing a bank. But I may do a money bank! any more ideas?

    Do you have a jail or courthouse? Maybe a mall if you would like. I am just throwing ideas at you so you can finish v 4
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    posted a message on Infinity and Beyond Server ~ Bukkit ~1.7.3 ~
    I am introducing to you the Infinity and Beyond server! This is a semi- medieval server with an amazing community. This is a 16 slot server that also has some bukkit plug-ins that make the gameplay more enjoyable.

    We have a website where you place an application. The website is located at the main spawn.
    8/18- Bad news, the problems were our worlds, sadly so we have two fresh unchanged (maybe) worlds. So much hard work lost, but the I and the rest of the staff will work on getting the place up to shape! Getting back on our feet i guess.
    8/18- okay as soon as we went back up, the server started crashing. Only select people know why so we are going down to fix the problem, lets hope for the best.
    8/17-The server will be down for a bit on 8/18

    -------------------------------------------Plug-ins---------------------------------------World Edit
    - Craftbook
    - Mcmmo
    -essentials spawn
    - LWC
    and so much more!
    ----------------------------------------------Ranks--------------------------------------This server has a rank system as well.
    Visitor- when you first visit the server without placing your application in at our website.(You can not build when at this rank)

    Page- The standard rank that you get after placing in your application.

    Squire- The second rank where you get permission to use /kit

    Knight- The third rank where you get permission to use /item

    Duke- You get this rank by donating to the server. You can use Limited World Edit and a bunch of other and a bunch of other stuff.

    Prince/Princess- If you hit this rank you are an op! This is very hard to acheive. By becoming an prince/princess you can use op+ commands that are very special. You also get world edit.

    King/Queen- This a Mod rank. You get very good commands and only the best of the best can get this rank.

    1.No cursing please
    2.be respectful
    3. No greifing
    4.No stealing
    5.No fire/lava/TNT
    6. No building in towns without the mayors permission

    If we find out you are not listening to the rules, you will be banned.

    ------------------------------------------------ Other Stuff-----------------------------The owner of the server is Frecklyface1.
    Flymod is ALLOWED
    You will not get build rights unless you post an application at our website.
    We have two worlds, a legit world and a normal world that is with plugins
    The theme is medieval
    --------------------------------------------------Server IP------------------------------
    The Ip to the server is
    We hope you join the server and have fun!
    No screenshots considering the fact that we have new worlds...
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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: Meet More Meat
    finally more food! Yay!
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    posted a message on Digital Diamond: Boat Launcher
    where do i get the brain? :P
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    posted a message on Ultimate Minecraft Guide!!!
    must have taken a long time to write that... Good job! This helps those who just bought minecraft.
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    posted a message on If you were to obtain a Portal Gun...
    Shoot one at the ceiling one at the floor and jump in!
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    posted a message on Norsk Minecraft Eventyr en suksess!

    /\............ what?

    I THINK that means:
    I thank everyone who helps me to boost the motivation to continue with my Norwegian Minecraft Let's Play series!

    Episode 6 is almost ready, and things take a sinister ?????? <--- didn't know how to translate venning
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    posted a message on The road of despair
    pics please or no download
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    posted a message on Internet and E-Books are quickly replacing Paper Books
    I for some reason like normal books. Even though E-books don't use paper, it is very relaxing to hear the sound of turning pages.
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    posted a message on [Surv/adv]The Dungeons of Death Ridge
    is it me or are here no links/pics?
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