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    posted a message on [MC-GateKeeper] An All-In-One Web Solution for Managing Server Whitelist Applications

    Hi everyone,

    Over the past few weeks during my free time I've been working on a web solution for managing whitelist applications for Minecraft servers.

    It will greatly simplify the process for both players and server administrators.

    • Players will be able to apply for whitelist on the web interface.
    • GateKeeper will verify user's Minecraft account to prevent identity misuse.
    • The applications will be assigned and dispatched to server Ops for processing.
    • Email notification and confirmation will be sent to users whenever status changes and users will be able to view the application status via a self-serve link.
    • Assigned Server Ops will be able to view the application and then make decision on approve/deny all with one-click.
    • Once an application is approved, the user associated with that application will be automatically granted with whitelist on the game server through RCON.
    • Moreover, a management dashboard will be provided for server admins/owners to easily manage all whitelist requests and view the overall stats and recent application counts in chart.

    The whole application support multi-language and it provides a builtin Chinese translation files sample just for reference.

    On top of all these amazing features, it is built with reliability and security in mind: Players will not be able to view applications from others and server Ops will only be able to handle applications assigned to them. Admin Dashboard is protected by authentication in place. Recapcha is in place to prevent misuse. All these security guards are implemented in a workflow that requires no login. The workflow should be simple to use for both server Ops and players.

    If you are currently running a server and would love to try out the tool, please feel free to reach out to me. Depending on your specific needs, there are a lot customization that could be done to better fits your need in order to get it deployed and make sure it integrates well with your current server, certain technical knowledge and code changes are necessary. The tool will be completely free to use. However, any hosting for application /database and domain name will incur some expense depending on different providers which are necessary if you consider to use the application.

    I will be able to provide free guidance and help to get it setup for your server to use on a first-come first-serve basis should my available permits as it is not a trivial process to setup/deploy for people with non-technical background. :mellow:

    Please reach out to me by commenting below with some basic information about your server (capacity/current player counts/etc...) with your contact info for me to follow up with you OR you could reach me via emails with above-mentioned info.

    The tool is free to use and open-sourced at Github the README contains more information for you to better understand the tool that is not described here. Feel free to check it out and click on the star on github if you like it!

    For any feature requests or suggestions, please comment on below/ contact me/ add an issue to the github repo.

    PS. I am kinda new to the forum and I assume this is the correct place to post it. Please let me know if I should post it somewhere else. Please help me to spread the word to the broader community if you like it :)

    Finally, I will attach some screenshots of the running application.

    Looking forward to hearing from you for any feedbacks!

    I will keep it posted with updates and I can answer any questions below.


    Main Application Splash Page

    Application Page

    Status check page:

    Action Email Dispatched to Assigned Ops:

    Action Page:

    Admin Dashboard:

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