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    hey is this server still active

    Yeah it's still an active server

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    For your first idea, couldn't they just change the name of the stonecutter and allow you to use wood items on them along with stone? It already has the appearance of a popular woodworking tool, the table saw.

    I've got to disagree with your 2nd idea at the very least regarding creepers. Villagers don't exactly do a great job at avoiding threats as it is and creepers targeting them is just asking for villages to be left riddled with holes and craters from creeper explosions. Iron golems wouldn't even be much help at preventing that either.

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    Completely agree, these would be nice variants to have and I do like the textures you made for them. I was initially going to agree with Puffy_Pony regarding the Enderman design but I actually really like it and it makes sense to me with it being in the warped part of the nether.

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    Yeah this is really lacking details. No one knows what you're imagining as an update. There is already a good variety of trees but more would never hurt when it comes to generating forests but is that what you're suggesting? Or are you talking about more shapes and sizes or something else entirely?

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    posted a message on Does anyone have a good book to recommend?

    Anything Tolkien, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Fall of Gondolin, etc. Tolkiens name should speak for itself!

    The Saxon Stories/Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell - Historical fiction book series about the viking invasions of Britain and how the last Saxon kingdom of Wessex stood against them. This is also a Netflix series too.

    Clash of the Eagles by Alan Smale - Historical fiction book set in an alternate timeline where the Roman Empire were the ones who discovered the Americas or as they call it Nova Hesperia.

    The Witcher series starting with the short stories in The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski - Since the Witcher games and the Netflix series, his books have took off again and worth a read if you're into it.

    Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code, etc by Dan Brown - Wonderful thriller series with his books also being made into movies starring Tom Hanks.

    If you're into to some non fiction reading then I've recently read these which were interesting reads;

    The Last Fighting Tommy by Harry Patch - Biohrapghy of Harry Patch's life and war experience, he became the last living British solider(Tommy) who fought in the trenches in World War 1. He was born in 1898(that's not a typo) but unfortunately passed away in 2009.

    Dinosaurs Rediscovered by Michael J. Benton - This book explores what has been discovered in the world of palaeontology and how palaeontologists figure all this stuff out and they have discovered so much more than what we knew back when people began to fall in love with Jurassic Park.

    Permanent Record by Edward Snowden - Autobiography about Edward Snowden life and time at the CIA and NSA and his motivations for leaking high classified information.

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    IGN - Seneschel

    Age - 28

    Country - United Kingdom

    About you - As you can see from my age, I'm inching closer to 30 so I'm definitely more of a boring adult than what I was when I started playing Minecraft in the first beta version that was released. I'm currently enjoying(hating) the furlough life so I'm not working right now but that's only if you ignore the fact that I've turned my house and garden into a construction site while I've been off. I love to cook, game, binge watch Netflix and unfortunately for people that know me I'm a huge Lord of the Rings nerd. I also used to run a Minecraft server which lasted for many, many years so it'll be nice to be on the user end of a server for once!

    Discord - Seneschel#9754

    What is your preferred building style? - Honestly no idea, I've not played Minecraft for years so currently I'm gonna need to figure that out again and that is also why I've put a nice low number for redstone experience!

    Picture of previous builds - As much as I wish I did, I don't have any pictures of my old builds so instead you can have a picture of my cat sitting in a cardboard box wearing a sombrero.

    Redstone experience (1-10) - 1
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