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    Quote from hifivedrew

    Dear Everyone on my Favorite Server,

    I one of your head admins hifivedrew, aka thor, aka drew, aka sugar tits, aka STOP WITH THE DAMN LIGHTNING DREW, have decided to move on from the server. It is still a great server and i wish it the best of luck i just need a change of pace and maybe some time to mess around on my own server i may return one day to /lighting once again. But for now i bid you all a farewell and wish you happy crafting. Also note that i have chosen my self to do this because i want to no because of any altercation with a player or Generic. Generic is a good owner and the remaining admins will do a fantastic job. Respect them as you have respected me.

    Your Admin,

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    Quote from gjones108

    banned by tuner.
    tight96 killed jopino (appearantly mrfish's friend), then mrfish tp'd to tight96, so tight96 and over1ander(both now banned) helped each other to kill him (because they are friends). then mrfish got mad and started disrespecting tight. then when tight talked back at him, mrfish said that he wasnt allowed to because u cant disrespect staff. if tight was disrespected, why cant he disrespect back? if someone came to my home, i would try to kill them, and you would probably do the same. when tuner got on, tight told what happened to tuner, then tuner used /lightning to kill over1ander and tight96 because they arent supposed to attack staff. if mrfish is going to tp to people, then he should have god mode, and since he cant /god, he shouldnt consider that his job (which he did).

    also, over1ander wasnt even saying anything and he was jailed, muted, then banned.

    Quote from Tight96


    Today i was banned do to the fact i killed an assistant whick whom i didnt know he was one.
    then MrFish tps to me and attacks me and my bud Over1ander killed him to protect me. after that i was struck by lightning losing alot of my items. MrFish then tped back and tped away saying he was jotting down cords. Finally an admin came and didnt trust that i was telling the truth. and while he was there someone was tped to my base with a diamond sword and started killing me and my bud until we killed him. MrFish then said he tped to me just to **** with me. afterwards i was jailed and muted... then banned. so was Over1ander


    PS. if u let you mods act like this then i dont expect much more people

    Dear Users,

    I find it strange how both your stories are different, and that the fact that you both say that Fish tried to kill you. Infact, Fish tp'd to you and did not try to kill you. However, when he appeared you both went and assaulted him, then state you were unaware of him being a assistant, even though he has a MOD tag on his name. Moreover, only admins can use /god, thus fish could NOT use it.

    Fish has stated that he meant no harm when he tp'd to you, and was harmless trailing behind you, then he accidently attacked you and removed one (1) half (1/2) heart. After that, you went all out and attacked him, then disrespected him.

    Please, make sure you get your story right before you post.

    cool stories bro,
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    Some Hosting company that can't do anything right
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