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    is the Natural Spawning broken? like when i go to set a custom npc's Natural spawning. It still shows Select NPC and when i think its going to spawn, it doesn't spawn where i want it to be. like i'm trying to make some enemies spawn in the End Dimension, Nether Dimension, and the Aether Dimension(have that mod installed too). Could it be i have to reinstall a newer version of the mod again or just wait until they fix or whats going on?

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    How do I add the mod version without the blinking eyes and other animations? because no matter what i did to the mod i downloaded, none of my custom skins work except for one(but that barely works either). Like for example can i just add custom npcs without animations like blinking eyes and customizable eyes, etc. making it look like it came from minecraft story mode or something like that? if not then i can't play this mod then, i was so hyped to create adventure with some of my OCs made into MC skins. and now it upsets me that i can't play this mod because of all animation stuff getting in the way of my custom skins.

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    My Idea for a mod would involve Angelic Creatures from the aether fighting Demonic creatures of the nether. the Angels of the Aether would be neutral mobs until you attack them but aggressive to all nether mobs(except zombie pigmen), Demonic mobs, Ender mobs, undead mobs, and illager mobs. and Demons of the Nether aggressive towards anything in the overworld or the aether except undead creatures, ender creatures, and illager mobs. i think the mod pack would require either Aether: Legacy(my opinion this should be) or Aether 2, and Forge. i got this idea from playing Darksiders at first, and at last i figured i'd try to make an army of valkyries from the aether legacy mod fight Demonic mobs of Lycanites mod.
    here's a list to my ideas for items, mobs, structures, requirements, weapons, armor, and more(PS: if this mod was made you can always increase or decrease the attack or defense stats):

    (Requirements: Aether Legacy(or Aether 2), and Forge)
    (Versions may vary:
    1.12.2 may not include the Angelic/Demonic Omen effects
    1.14.4 may include it doh.
    1.16 when it comes out may be able to have angelic mobs attack piglins.

    Description: The Aether vs Nether Mod involves an all out war between the forces of the Aether(angelic creatures) vs the forces of the Nether(Demonic creatures).(Kinda sort uh the post apocalypse of the old Minecraft world). They fight for Domination of the Minecraft world. Aether forces are neutral until attacked by Minecraft players, and Nether forces are Aggressive towards Minecraft Players. Mod idea came from the game Darksiders, and from trying to make Valkyries from the Aether Legacy mod fight Demonic creatures from Lycanites mod.

    -Angelic Mobs(spawns in the aether but will sometimes spawn in the overworld):
    *Angel Commander(Neutral)- can cause Angelic omen syndrome after you kill him(like bad omen for pillager raids)(20 health)
    *Angelic Warrior(Neutral)- has all angelic armor on(almost like the armor the angels from darksiders wore), and will show aggression to anything from the nether except Zombie Pigmen. Is also rangy but also does melee attacks which are a tiny bit stronger than the range attacks. (15 health)
    *Angelic Heavy Warrior(Neutral)- has all angelic armor on(almost like the armor the angels from darksiders wore) the armor they wear is much heavier, and will show aggression to anything from the nether except Zombie Pigmen. Has a sword and shield that makes them extra defensive and a bit tanky (30 health)
    *Angelic Mage(Neutral)- a female angel wearing a robe and has a staff that can shock enemies. they will show aggression to Endermen, zombies, skeletons, pillager enemies(if in 1.14.4) and all nether enemies except Zombie Pigmen. Can shoot lightning at you. (20 health)
    *Gryphon(Passive[unless rode by an Angelic warrior or heavy])- A mount (with an unknown way to tame it) (100 health)
    *Archangel boss(Neutral-boss)- A boss that will tell you everything about a war thats about to come between angel and demon, but you can also challenge him by telling him you’d like a challenge(almost like Valkyrie boss in the aether mod, except this one will tell you more). If you beat him, then he’ll drop an item that will allow you to befriend the angels called the “Archangel’s amulet”. (500 health)
    *Guardian Angel summoner(passive)- can spawn a guardian angel who will fight on your side until you can dismiss her. Unless you have Angelic omen syndrome (unkillable)
    *Angelic Healer(Passive)- Will heal all Passive and Neutral mobs(except endermen). (300 health)
    *Angelic Villager(Passive)- a villager with wings that (maybe) will trade aether goods with you. (25 health)
    *Guardian Angel(Passive)- a female angel will often fight by your side when you ask the archangel for a guardian angel.(cannot take damage by you but can take damage by enemies) (30 health, +30 more health for Angelic Victorian effect, and +3 for attack damage)
    *White City guard(Neutral-will attack if any(except valkyries or any other mobs) in white city are getting hit by others)- female armored angels willing to protect the white city(50 health)

    -Demonic mobs(spawns in the nether and sometimes will sometimes spawn randomly in the overworld:
    *Demon Warlord(Aggressive)- will attack anything anything passive or neutral(except endermen and zombie pigmen). Is heavily armored, and heavily armed with a demon axe and demon shield. (25 health)
    *Demon Warriors(Aggressive)- will attack anything anything passive or neutral(except endermen and zombie pigmen). Uses either an iron axe or Stone Sword to fight. (15 health)
    *Demon foot soldier(aggressive)- Demons with poleaxes. (15 health)
    *Trauma Demon(Aggessive)- a giant beast with claws for weapons and heavier strength than the angelic heavies. (50 health)
    *Demon Warlock(Aggressive)- a demonic being that can summon hellhounds, and Vexxes. Can also throw a fireball at you like a ghast except when it explodes it doesn't break anything And can also make you blinded with a spell. (25 health)
    *Hellhound(aggressive)- can spawn in netherrack areas, but can also be spawned by Demon Warlocks. (10 health)(2 damage)
    *Ravenous Demon(aggressive)- will attack any Passive mobs or angelic creatures and Zombie pigmen for flesh. (10 health)(4 damage)
    *Demon Commander(Aggressive) can cause Demonic Omen syndrome which can cause demon raids in Villages(Easy), the White City(hard), and other towns.(20 health)
    *Imp(Aggressive-Tameable)- Imps are often tameable with rotten flesh
    *Succubus(aggressive)- a Demon woman that can put a spell that can lure you over to her and she’ll start hitting you with a whip. (25 health)
    *Demon Warden(Aggressive- Boss)- The Demon Warden can be found in nether prisons. (100 health)
    *Demon Giant(Aggressive-Boss)- The demon Giant can only be found in a lava lake rarely and can attack you with his fist or throw fireballs at you.(300 health).

    *Demon Lord(Aggressive-Boss)- a demon with a powerful demon sword that can be dropped when you defeat him. He can throw fireballs everywhere, and slash you with his sword multiple times, and also teleport like an enderman. Will get stronger when he reaches half health. (300 health)
    *Fallen Archangel(Aggressive-Boss)- An archangel has fallen and he has joined the side of demons. He will often shoot you with lightning but will also teleport and fly around and slash you with his sword. (500 health)

    *Destructive towers(overworld-Desert biome): A tower made of Netherbrikes and Iron blocks. (spawns demons)
    *Desert Arenas(Overworld-Desert Biome): is where demons go to watch the show and see your character fight a demon lord. (holds the demon lord boss)
    *Cultist camps: Can spawn Vindicators, Evokers, and Witches.(can only be found in taigas, regular forests, and plains)
    *Angelic Outposts(Overworld-Anywhere(especially next to villages)): A Tower made of Angelic stone and light stone(Aether legacy). (spawns Angelic warriors)
    *Nether Caves(Overworld-caves): basically caves with somewhat netherrack in them. (can also spawn demonic mobs in their, but has increased chances of making ambience noises: Cave4.ogg, Cave8.ogg, Cave13.ogg when nearby).
    *Aether Caves(Overworld-Caves): basically caves with somewhat holystone blocks in them. (can often spawn Angelic mages and Angelic Healers. Also has a good chance of making the Cave2.ogg ambience when nearby)
    *Nether Fortress 2.0(nether): basically bigger versions of nether fortresses. Can spawn demons, wither skeletons, and blazes. Can also hold a demon lord boss
    *white city(aether(aether legacy mod)): can often be found in certain parts of the aether and can spawn all angelic mobs, valkyries as well, and can also spawn regular villagers as well as Angelic villagers.
    *nether camps(Aether): Can spawn mainly demon warriors and can hang sort uh outside of a white city. (spawns demon warriors, demon warlords, imps, and Succubus)
    *Fallen Archangel’s pillars(Aether-White City)- Can hold the Fallen Archangel boss
    *Aether Camps(Nether)- Angelic stone bases with columns in the nether. (spawns all Neutral Angelic creatures)
    *Nether Prisons(Nether)- Nether Brick alters that can summon angels after you defeat the Demon Warden, can also summon demonic warriors and only demonic warriors during the Demon Warden fight)

    *Angelic Magic Spear- Can also shoot bolts when right click and can also be used as a melee weapon. (very rare drop by Angelic Warriors) (6 damage for melee attack, 4 for range attack)
    *angelic Great Sword- Can be used as a melee weapon. (very rarely dropped by heavy Angelic Warriors) (7 damage)
    *Angel Feather- (common drop by all angelic creatures)(can also be used to make 10 regular arrows with 1 feather)
    *Demon stone- Ores that can be smelted and found in the nether.(can create Demon armor and Succubus whip)
    *Hellstring- Can be dropped by Imps and Ravenous demons(can be used to make Succubus whip)
    *Angelic Staff- Can be used to strike enemies by lightning if you right click. But can also be used as a melee weapon. (very rarely drop by Angelic mages) (same amount of damage when getting struck by lightning, and 5 damage for melee attack)
    *Angelic armor set: can be made with Ghast Tear in the middle middle of every piece of armor except chestplate and glowing ingots all around normally. Chestplate requires Nether star in middle middle and glowing ingots all around)
    >Angelic Helmet(+4 defense)(effect: Respiration IV)
    >Angelic Chestplate(+6 defense)(Effect: Regeneration II)
    >Angelic Leggings(+5 defense)(effect: Fire Resistance IV)
    >Angelic boots(+4 defense)(effect: speed)
    *(All Angelic Creatures may drop certain ores from the Aether)
    *Glowing ingots- Can be used to craft Angelic weapons and tools (rare Ores in the Aether, rare drop by Angelic Warriors, can also be found in Aether Temples and Angelic areas)

    *Glowing Pick axe- Can mine fairly quickly in all dimensions. (can be crafted by using Glowing Ingots and sticks)
    *Glowing Axe- Can chop down trees fairly quickly in all dimensions. (can be crafted by using Glowing Ingots and Sticks)
    *Glowing Shoevel- Right click as a hoe and left click as a shovel. Can mine very quickly. (can be mades using glowing ingots and sticks: by placing one ingot on the side of middle stick and 2 on top)
    *Angelic bow- has a straight shot arrows even when nothing putting enough power. (6 damage depending on the arrows)
    *Angelic Arrows- (9 damage)(nether star on top middle, stick in middle middle, and Angel feather in middle bottom. Can create 10 of them)
    *Armageddon sword- Can be crafted by using an Angelic Staff on
    middle top, 3 glowing ingots in the middle and a stick on the bottom middle. (can also be an extremely rare drop by succubus’ and an extremely rare finding for chests in certain aether temples and certain nether fortresses)(12 damage) (can also be enchanted with the same enchantment effects as a regular sword)
    *Demonic Staff- Can be used to throw explosive fireballs at enemies.(crafted with 3 ghast tears on top, a glowstone block in the middle, and a stick on the bottom, can also be a rare drop by Demon Warlocks.) (fireballs have same amount of damage as ghast fireballs, and can take 6 damage as melee weapon) (6 damage)
    *Demonic axe- Can be used to chop down trees but also burn them turning them into charcoal(can also smelt aether trees too) and can be used as a melee weapon. (made by using 3 nether bricks on top, 2 in middle sides with stick in between and 1 stick on bottom middle. Rare drop by demon Warriors) (7 damage)
    *Demonic Sword- Can be used as a melee weapon and can also explode certain places when right clicking(rare habit), (dropped by Demon Lord boss) (9 damage)
    *Demon Warden’s axe- (rare drop by Demon Warden) (9 damage)
    *Succubus whip- Can whip enemies when left clicking. Can also just make a whip noise if you right click but can also attack enemies. (can be created using Demon stone on middle bottom and hell string middle middle and middle top(8 damage)
    *Demon Armor set-(Demon stone can created all
    >Demon Helmet-(+4 defense)(effect: Fire Resistance)
    >Demon Chestplate-(+6 defense)(effect: Fire Resistance)
    >Demon Leggings-(+5 defense)(effect: Fire Resistance)
    >Demon Boots-(+4 defense)(effect: Fire Resistance)
    *Demonic Poleaxe- (rare drop by Demon foot soldiers, can also be made by putting one stick on bottom left or right, stick in middle middle and nether quartz on side, and nether quartz 2 nether quartz above the stick and other quartz.)
    (Side note: All angels and Demons that hold their weapons can often take the same amount of damage as their weapons as criticals but can take -2 for how much that weapon’s damage level is most of the time)
    (another side note: all weapons have 1 second charges, but the Armageddon sword has no charge at all)

    -Potion Effects, and Other affects:
    *Demonic Omen Syndrome- can Cause Demon Raids(like Pillager raids) that can happen in villages, Angelic Villages, and the White City.
    *Angelic Omen Syndrome- Can Cause Angel raids(like pillager raids) to overworld villages, and sometimes your own house(rare)
    *Angelic Victorian- Can be gifted after freeing angels for defeating the Demon Warden. Meaning no Angels will attack you if you hit them but it may go away if you kill them and they will attack. Can also give you regeneration and fire resistance for 5 days and nights(minecraft time). Can also summon Angelic Warriors during a Demon Raid so they can fight on your side. And can also give extra health and attack power to guaridan angels.

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    My Idea for a mob is adding a few more bosses to each dimension like
    -Nether: maybe a demon lord to the nether with other demons, or a Cerberus.
    -Overworld: an Illager king.

    Other mobs:
    -Villagers with crossbows and maybe axes or swords that are willing to defend themselves from zombie attacks and pillager raids rather than building an iron golem and players having to do all the work

    Other ideas:
    -setting for difficulties for Pillager raids for maybe increasing or decreasing the number of mobs in a certain raid. maybe though
    -Illager castle (if an Illager king was added)

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