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    posted a message on Treefrog's Wonderful World of Paranoia! %100 raw Minecraft
    Treefrog's Wonderful World of Paranoia!
    %100 raw vanilla Minecraft server
    Your friends cannot be trusted!
    (Note: This is still something of a test run. Stuff may change in the nearish future)
    Rules: No x-ray or fly mods or any other mods that are made for cheating.
    Friendly advice:
    • I encourage soulless killers, accepting persons, and secret keeping hooligans to give this server a try.
    • I consider griefing on this server to be assault. I consider assault to be PVP
    • I suggest not trusting anyone. Last time I checked, your parents told you not to talk to strangers because strangers just so happen to love punching people in the face.
    Things to know:
    • I'm going to be moving the spawn around from time to time.
    • The time between spawn moves is no less than once every 24 hours and no more than once a week.
    • When the spawn moves the MOTD will change.
    • This server will be run 24/6.99.
    • This server is something of an experiment. But that does not mean it's going to be temporary!
    • There is currently a limit of 20 players. That number may change depending on how things go.
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    posted a message on The animal hoarder Challenge
    Quote from Towelsauce

    Uh I don't see the point in this challenge. No aggro mob will ever kill a passive mob (unless you are stupid enough to let creepers blow up in your face, or stand behind a passive as a skeleton shoots at you).

    Also wolves as guard dogs are a terrible idea, they have sheep addictions and even tamed wolves will go nuts at any sheep nearby, so instead of "Guarding" the passives they will spend their entire time trying to get in and murder all sheep.

    Last time I checked, tamed dogs don't kill sheep unless you punch the sheep first.
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    posted a message on [128/64][1.0] Crumpled Craft [WIP] ★V1.0 Download Now available!★
    I love it! I have not seen a HD texture pack I like this much since Scribblecraft! Which is not being worked on as far as I know. I was going to do something like this. But seeing that someone has started doing it better than me I am going to just wait untill this pack is done.
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    posted a message on Survival for Pocket Minecraft? I think I know how!
    Quote from Caleb

    I never noticed that the textures between pocket edition and the current release were different.. Besides the color of the flower..

    I'll analyze!

    Old cobble. Pre 5 has new grass. The side grass could be fixed by not having grass hue change depending on biome and having side grass match the top grass. Just small stuff like that.
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    posted a message on Survival for Pocket Minecraft? I think I know how!
    I don't have Minecraft PE and I don't have much interest in getting it. The only reason for that is no survival mode. What you said fixes two problems with PE: No survival mode of course, but also, as far as I know you walk to the edge of the world and it just ends. Starting on an island makes perfect sence to me. (There is a problem survival mode wont fix. The side grass. Which can be fixed easy by making the side grass texture match the top grass one and making top grass non biome compliant like I am sure it already is.)

    Also with blue roses they could just remove lapis lazuli by making the roses give blue dye and make Redstone act as red dye. Then there would be one less block to think about. Lapis blocks could then be "Rose pedal blocks" or just be removed from the game completely and then two more less new blocks to think about.

    If the nether was smaller they had it where lets say the island is 50 blocks diameter then the nether could be 40 blocks and have a small fortress.
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    posted a message on Streak 7 feedback. D-Pad/Jump needs to be changed please
    I don't have Minecraft PE but I was thinking the jump button being where it was looked hard to use. So having jump be on the other side seems like a much better way to have it. The current jump button could be used to toggle sneaking. That would probably work better. Then again I don't have PE. But I still think that makes more sence.
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    posted a message on What happened to beaches and green grasses?
    Hold on one minute. I know all about minecraft biomes. Notch did not change the grass color. Let me tell you what really happened:

    Before 1.8 biomes like swamp and rain forest had close to no difference what so ever besides the grass color. The biome in the pic you posted is a 1.7 jungle or swamp. In 1.8 the jungles and swamps were combined in to the same thing which was swamps and they had grass just like in the picture you have there. But notch changed them to have dark grass. I hope when he makes jungles he gives them that un-darkened light grass.

    It's kind of hard to explain but I did my best.
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    posted a message on Who's your mining buddy?
    My sister Spycat1750. I am 14 and she is 19 but we act a lot like twins. We are similar but we are different. And the differences help make us fill two roles; I run around killing things and placing torches more and she follows me and mines the ore more. But she can fight and I can mine ore. I just like things fighting a bit more and she likes calmer things like digging ore a bit more.
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    posted a message on Potions may have solived the hunger crisis
    Quote from Zkyo

    I personally love the new hunger system and potions, but obviously some don't. I guess the insta-healing potions are good for them, but i'm sure there will be plenty of deaths from killing and attempting to collect the ghast tears. Also, there's the eating animation. Next thing you know, the forum is going to be spammed with topics about the 1.5 second eating animation, cause people can't cram down 8 potions per second anymore. I still love the hunger and slow healing system, because it makes you think about what to do, rather than just run in with a stone sword and 20 porkchops. Bonus points for the bug in smp that lets mobs hit you at a larger range.

    I agree. And having to think about your actions makes the game more interesting. Because like you said, You can't run and fight with a stone sword and a bunch of pork chops. You have to be a bit more organized and think about when to go sit in a corner so you can heal or when it's ok to keep going.
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    posted a message on I keep getting woken up in the night by monsters!!
    People like you with problems like this really need to put up some pictures. We also don't know how big this room is or whats in it or anything. I am however guessing your room is too big. I think if there is too much floor space it may cause problems. I don't really know for sure though. But I think if you try doing different things every one else said to do then it should work. There is really nothing that can be done that no one has said to do already.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Alpha V. 1.1.2
    Quote from crytek

    Man... You have no Idea of all the memories I have connected to the various songs... :Sheep:

    I understand how you feel. I have the same thing.

    I was playing minecraft long before Alpha 1.1.2. I was playing before survival mode even existed. It was strange when survival mode first came out. Even though I was running around punching zombies and tossing arrows at skeletons. There was no song more fitting then calm3. It was like an all purpose minecraft song. It brings memories of the past of my early days of minecrafting when I hear it. It was played less as minecraft was updated. And it does not fit the dark game minecraft is now. It fit the bright old alpha version where the grass and trees were green like summer in the real world. More reminders to get my minecraft classic texture pack which is a texture pack that makes new minecraft look like old minecraft uploaded so people and remember the olden days...

    I have seen so many updates in minecraft I can't remember which one was which.
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    posted a message on Actually using minecarts for mining
    Why do this when you can do what I did a long time ago in an old save where I had a ton of iron:

    I go in a cave. I have a storage cart and a bunch of rails with me. I go in and put rails down as I go find a fork take one way reach a dead end remove the rails and go the other way. If I find something like diamonds I can put those in the cart and if I die then as long as the cart survives my diamonds are ok too.
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    posted a message on Using F3 to see mobs in survival.
    I consider it cheating. Sure it's in the game. But it was made more as debugging. And besides. I like how you can only hear the mobs but not know where they are. You have to find them your self. Which could lead you to digging randomly in a cave and if you are a spelunker like me you don't dig much besides times like these so it helps me get chances to find ore in the walls that I miss normally. And I feel more like I don't know what to expect when I find the monsters. I wont know how many there are or where they are untill I find them. I have had monsters right above me and not know it untill I dug in every direction but up then it becomes a surprize because I thought I had been there when I had not. So that's how I feel about this. I tend to just not press it at all in my smaller legit saves unless I want to see that lag o meter and when I do press F3 that is all I look at.
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    posted a message on Pikmin "WIP"
    I love pikmin! If you can make a pikmin mod to go with this then that would be my favorite mod next to the Aether!
    Anyway it looks awesome even with just one pic. If you are not doing this then you should make it so you can build the bridges like in the game by using pistons.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: Endermen or Farlanders?
    Farlander sounds fine and all but Endermen sounds way more unique. So Endermen.
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