About Me not what I once was... It has been at least a year if not two since have have cared about these forums. If I remember correctly then regrets lurk within my many post in the past. But I am moving on. And this "about me" page is the first step.

So...who am I? I seem like I'm just some guy with the long girly hair and a bag made of duct tape. But I am oh, so much more than that. I am a victim of OCD. I can not stand Their ways and my only way to deal is to wander in circles around and around and around, look in the cabinets, open the door, inspect the clock, the clock is fascinating! If only I had a friend to me fascinated with me... But I don't! So I must go faster! Look in the cabinet! Go in circles! Around around around FASTER! All this because They can't handle me has a friend.

So what friends do I have? Only one. My sister. And we are the best friends we could ever ask for.

Now that I have said all that I now must ask myself this: what do I consider myself to be? And the answer to that is simple. I consider myself to be an artistic inventor of things. I don't look at the world like you do. I lurk in the shadows with daydreams of the darkness. But when I try to enter the darkness, an irrational fear takes hold and deprives me of my adventure. But I can't enter the darkness anyway because there's a no trespassing sign. Things like this drive me crazy. And it's all because I don't see the world the same way they do.

So I draw pictures of my own vision of a "perfect" word. One created from seeing the world we live in from all directions. Just like I walk in circles around Them so that I may never miss one bit of what they do. Nothing is truly perfect. But this world is far from it. And imperfection is very deeply ingrained in our history. Even though society is learning from it's mistakes, my deepest dream will never come true. But my less deep ones might...

By the way, I have ADD. And so does my mom. We both just can't stop talking.
For example: I got distracted and made this page way longer than it should be...
Interests The deepest depths of what exactly is video games. The making of art. And most importantly, the inventing of things.

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