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    I have made a pretty simple map for anyone who want to play classic survival Minecraft but under a deep warm ocean. Ever dreamt about buiding an underwater city ? Ever wonder how survival mode would be different if you had to stay under water ? Of course you spawn in a nice dry spot.

    Featues :

    Water only experience ! : The included datapack forbids you to reach the surface. (don't even try or you die !)

    Deep ocean buffet world : Infinite water playground !

    Starter ressources : I have built 3 structures to provide Villagers, beds, carrots and potatoes so you can start breeding them. I also hid some dirt in chests so you can make a decent farm.

    I need feedback ! :This is a beta because I may have forget some stuff, if you miss a starting ressource, if you spot a problem, if you want more dirt, tell me by commenting on this thread. Also if my english is bad you can tell me, I am not a native english speaker, need to improve !

    [link to curse.com project because I can't figure how to link by the widget please help]


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