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    I do not recommend talking with this individual if you want to rent a server. He just ignored me because he does not believe that I have had no donations since my server has been up and running. Thanks for wasting my time sir.
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    Current I am looking for a replacement host for my current hosting service. I have a private hosting service right now that has these specs for us:

    • 2x Quad Core CPUs at 2.3ghz
    • 64GB Dynamic Ram
    • 500GB Hard Drive
    • Large Amount of Internet Traffic
    I honestly only pay $20/Mo but the Techs are giving me a hard time because I have "Changed" the IP of my server though I didn't have access to those settings to change it. I am looking for someone who will host me with similar specs but also preferably able to either RDP into server side or have access to FTP to add/remove files when needed. I would like to have around 500 or so people in my server (Current count = 350 at any time)

    I also understand that I will not be able to come close to those specifications for another server unless I run it myself but I guess if someone is willing to work with me and make an offer I cant refuse, I will try my best.

    We do not need Tech Support for server file management, only when we are having connection or Hardware Issues. We would also IF GIVEN THE ABILITY to have a Host name instead of an IP to give everyone as this will be safer for the Hosting Partner.

    Thank You!
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    Okay, Starcraft is not a sandbox game. It is a real-time strategy game. Also, here is a list of games that fit the "Space Like" genre. Although I will be developing my own space sandbox game soon.

    Anyways here is the list:

    Blockade Runner
    Xeno Galaxies
    Limit Theory
    Galaxy 55
    Infinate Pixels
    Scrumble Ship
    Dyvox Pytheas
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    Ace of Spades

    Ace of Spades is a combat game that takes the mechanics of Minecraft and combines it with a Counter Strike like shooter. It has some tools and customization as far as building or editing the map while playing online with others as well as a few different weapons to use.

    Manic Digger

    Manic Digger is a "Minecraft Clone" so to speak with a few differences than Minecraft. It has a few gun types as well as class types that you can mess around with. Also supports mods.


    Cubeland is a Browser Based game that allows for online gameplay almost like an MMO style game. It has few similarities to minecraft but Graphics is not one of them. It allows for item and housing placement on a limited world as players can mine out and create what they wish. Also supports a money shop to customize there profile.


    Terraria is one of the best 2D side Scroll Sandbox games out there as of right now. It gives the player room for tons of options as far as single player, multiplayer and server options. The effects may be a little lacking but dont let this game fool you.


    Blockland takes on the appearance of the popular toys called Legos. This game provides many types of items that can be used to build your own land either in single player or multiplayer. Allows up to 16 players in game. This game also offers many game types that allow for combat.

    I do have a list of games, I will update the list with more games pretty soon as atm I do not have the time to do so. There probably are about 30 or so PC type games and 6 Xbox 360 type games that I have found and researched. I have also played most of these games.
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    Lol... :D Yay.
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    Yeah, I seen but it is a helpful hint PatDay. And I also happen to agree with dropping the Majority/Minority stuff.
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    Just because half the people in minecraft comment saying they dont want it does not mean that it is the Majority. There are probably tons of people who do not get on the forums and want an RPG mode. Again, its you guy's opinion.

    If you dont want an RPG Mode than fine, you wont have one than. Pricks.
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    And that is your "Opinion", but point noted.
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    Neospector, I do not care if others come in and say that they like or dislike it but for people to say that no one likes the RPG mode is to say that no one likes Minecraft. People make mods for playable modes just because they want RPG things included into the game. I dont care if people say they do or dont like it. And people who want an RPG mode is not a "Minority", have you seen the posts lately under suggestions and ideas for an RPG type mode? A TON! Again, I dont care if people come in and say they dont like it but do not bash it is all I am trying to say. And also, what you think is an excuse is not. Thanks for trying though :)
    That is why they call it an "Suggestions" forum.

    And Thankyou "PatDay", that is what I am talking about...
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    I dont know, most of the people I run into in multiplayers with RPG and Class System elements have all been talking about how they should make an game mode for Minecraft. Again, if you do not like that idea than okay, if they impliment something like this into the game, you "DONT" have to play it... Plain and simple...
    Game modes are for people who enjoy playing certain types of games within one stock game. Many poeple were not a big fan of Adventure mode but they put it in anyways...

    And "23232323" is right, it is an RPG with Sandox elements. If you look at the Bethesda website for skyrim, it even quotes that at some point...

    Was more or less asking about improvements and suggestions for this mode and not a bunch of negative nancy critics saying that there should never be an RPG mode in minecraft. I think its up to the people who developed the game and for people to actually discuss the possability for it...
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    I have seen so many people asking about an RPG system, I doubt that there would be a ton of people complaining... Why do you think you see all these RPG mods? Seriously, this is a realistic idea. If you guys dont like it, you dont really have to play... That is why they would add it as an "MODE" for single player.
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    "I want to make a somewhat detailed Suggestion for the staff of Minecraft. I would not mind seeing an RPG type mode in Single Player. The other modes are fun but I would not mind seeing a change in gameplay for Mincraft itself. GUYS I NEED YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT ON THIS!

    Starting Out: When your player first spawns into the world, a welcome box opens up saying something like "Welcome to Minecraft RPG! Please click NEXT to get started." When you hit next, you will see a class selection screen. The classes should be something like below:
    • Blacksmith
    • Builder
    • Miner
    • LumberJack
    • Warrior
    • Adventurer
    Players can level themselves from 1 to 40.


    The Blacksmith can gain 100% to 120% experiance in forging and repairing weapons and armor but will only gain 20% to 50% experiance in all other skill trees.

    The Builder can gain 100% to 120% experiance with any kind of Crafting except weapons but only 20% to 50% in all other skill trees.

    The Miner will gain 100% to 120% experiance with mining of all materials but will only gain 20% to 50% in all other skill trees.

    The Lumberjack can gain 100% to 120% experiance in chopping down trees and also making wood items but only will gain 20% to 50% in all other skill trees.

    The Warrior can gain 100% to 120% in killing all monsters but will only gain anywhere from 20% to 50% in all other skill trees.

    The Adventurer can gain 75% to 80% experiance to most of the skills but can gain 90% in Farming.

    Unlocking Items using Skills:

    Crafting (Levels up while making items below)
    The lower level you are, the faster your tools will break.
    • Lvl 1 - Chests
    • Lvl 1 - Sticks
    • Lvl 1 - Wooden Tools
    • Lvl 3 - Wooden Doors
    • Lvl 5 - Stone Tools
    • Lvl 5 - Stairs and Slabs
    • Lvl 8 - Bed
    • Lvl 10 - Bow and Arrows
    • Lvl 12 - Trap Door
    • Lvl 15 - Iron Type Items
    • Lvl 17 - Iron Tools
    • Lvl 18 - Minecarts and Rails
    • Lvl 25 - Pistons
    • Lvl 30 - Sticky Pistons
    • Lvl 40 - Diamond Tools
    Forging (Levels up while forging)
    Smelting will take longer, the lower level you are.
    Your armor will have less durability as well.
    • Lvl 1 - Porkchops and Fish
    • Lvl 3 - Hide Armor
    • Lvl 4 - Glass and Glass Panes
    • Lvl 10 - Baked Stone
    • Lvl 14 - Iron Ingots, Blocks and Armor
    • Lvl 18 - Gold Ingots, Blocks and Armor
    • Lvl 30 - Bricks
    • Lvl 40 - Diamond Blocks, and Armor
    Mining (Levels up while breaking any blocks)
    The lower level you are in mining, the longer it will take to break the blocks
    • Lvl 1 - Stone Blocks
    • Lvl 4 - Coal Blocks
    • Lvl 10 - Iron Blocks
    • Lvl 15 - Gold Blocks
    • Lvl 24 - Redstone Blocks
    • Lvl 30 - Diamond Blocks
    Farming (Levels up while planting or harvestings crops)
    Your crops will take longer to mature the lower level the skill is
    • Lvl 1 - Saplings
    • Lvl 3 - Wheat
    • Lvl 8 - Sugar Cane
    • Lvl 12 - Watermelon
    • Lvl 15 - Cactus
    • Lvl 25 - Pumpkins
    • Lvl 40 - Nether Wort
    Exploring (Levels up after running so many blocks)
    • Lvl 20 - Clock
    • Lvl 25 - Compass
    Skills to Level Up:
    • Swords (Lvl 1 - 40)
    • Axe (Lvl 1 - 40)
    • Pickaxe (Lvl 1 - 40)
    • Shovel (Lvl 1 - 40)
    • Hoe (Lvl 1 - 40)
    • Armor (Lvl 1 - 40)
    • Bow (Lvl 1 - 40)
    • Sprint (Lvl 1 - 40)
    • Enchanting (Lvl 1 - 40)
    Based on and inspired by the "Total RPG Mod".

    Anyone can add suggestions to this post to help me out... :)

    Suggestions From Others:

    "add a magic system where players can learn spells and upgrade them with XP"
    "not just restricting access to current game features"
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    I have not found an complete list of minecraft like games so I decided to take it upon myself to create the list for anyone who is wondering what games are out there...
    • Terraria - an PC game is very similar to minecraft besides the major twist... its 2D! Terraria is an adventure oriented game unlike minecraft. It has many unique features that make Terraria its own game including weapons, tools and many npc for buying and selling materials. $10 and its yours.
    • Minetest C55 - This game has been around since (2010) and is being developed by an guy going under the name of (Celeron55). Minetest is supposed to be the most portable and stable game for both High and Low Ended machines. Machines that cannot handle minecraft will be able to play Minetest perfectly. And it is completely free
    • Infiniminer - Is known for its "Originality" and is what originally inspired the "Minecraft" bloom. It is known as the first virtual worlds that allow players to creat and destroy objects for gathering resources. You can set traps or go head to head and kill your opponents to stop them from gathering resources for your team to win. It is Free of charge.
    • Manic Digger - A great alternative to Minecraft. It is very simple in many aspects and also offers many similar features that Minecraft offers. Many of Minecraft fans hate this game, as do I but that is our right of opinions. Although, this year the game is supposed to add a ton of content that could ultimately make this game a bit better than Minecraft. Who knows, it just might... It is free.
    • Ace of Spades - A very heavy based minecraft game with an epic twist... COMBAT! This game reminds me a lot like if a group orgy was made up of Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty and a few other games... Players are made up of two teams which are supposed to capture the other team's "Intel Files" (a hell of a lot like capture the flag basically) while defending your Intel There is also Team Death Match game type as well to have fun with. You are able to build and destroy structures either you or your enemy has created and use the blocks that you gather to your advantage to win. It is free and I recommend it highly!
    • BlockLand - Been around a while before minecraft was and still is a very popular game. The world map is set up in advanced but every structure in the game is built entirely by the players themselves. The blocks look very much like legos and can be stacked in every way possible. It offers combat, mini games and is explorable but limited at the same time.
    • Roblox - A free browser based game is ever increasing in popularity. It may not appeal in looks to everyone but it offers many unique features that minecraft does not, making it epicly worth your while to try out and is free to enjoy. It is focused on being social and for the creative minds around the world. All levels are created by players and can be shared with others or for you and your personal friends own enjoyment. It offers many game modes like RPG, FPS, Adventure, Racing and many other types of popular modes enjoyed by everyone. If you want the premium builders account, you will have to pay a small fee but only offers a few extra features that are not really worth the payed account.
    • Cubelands - In a sense a direct competitor to Minecraft in many ways, offers features strictly for building purposes and less on the mining aspect of minecraft. Cubelands is an free to play game that is accessed through the browser and is available for both PC and MAC. It is updated on a regular basis making it an dangerous competitor to minecraft and is focused on being multiplayer only. The interface is a lot cleaner as well than minecraft.
    • King Arthur's Gold - Another 2D side scrolling version of minecraft but a hell of a lot faster paced than Terraria and is more combat oriented while still focusing on the aspects like minecraft. It features 3 playable classes which is the Knight, an Archer and the Builder. Build a castle and defend your friends against your enemies. It is free for the most part unless you buy the premium account for $25.
    • Epic Inventor - An Terraria inspired game is free and is considered an epic alternative to Terraria. It offers a feel of RTS and RPG features and is an incredible and healthy mix of both game types. There are buildings that help out with the gathering process of resources and offers a wide variety of defensive buildings to ward off enemies.
    • Clong Series - Clong is a game very similar to Epic Inventor. It is a healthy mixture of Terraria with an RTS like age of empires, ect with its features offered to players. The game requires you to advance your race of people as far as possible with mining resources. It has 3 different versions, free being 2d with basic features, $15 which offers full features and buildings and the third is a 3D version of the game which will most likely be $20 or $25 and will be epic. I recommend this game.
    • Cortex Command - A game very seriously based on an RTS like feeling, allows you to control multiple bodies in a world either randomly generated, already created or built by you to explore. It is very addictive and allows for a ton of combat action while mining gold to build your buildings and forces. It also features great physics.
    • Mythruna - Not released yet but still very playable in its Pre-Alpha tests. This game is almost identical to minecraft but looks beautiful, even better with its graphics. The HD texture packs offered by minecraft devs dont even look as good as the graphics in this game does. Currently in development are the tools and water flow functionality as well as its mod support. It will be heavily based on multiplayer but offers a single player options to play with. The features to me that stand out even more is the Slopes that you can add instead of stairs and roofing materials like shingles, ect. For now it is free but will add an option to buy once it goes into alpha.
    • Total Miner - an minecraft like game for xbox. It offers players two different modes like Infinite creativity mode and dig deep mode which allows for you to explore cave systems and allows you to kill monsters while looking for treasure. it is currently $3 on the market.
    • Fortress Craft - Another game for Xbox that looks very similar to Mythruna graphic wise. The only difference to all the other games mentioned is that it offers Runes to collect to unlock items to use. And is has less materials to build with but more materials for effects. Also, the water is glitched and if you dont block it off, it keeps flowing and covers the map infinitly. I dont recommend it to anyone. Available for $3
    • Eden: World Builder - Basically is minecraft for your iOS device such as Iphone and Ipad. It is limited in many ways but gives you infinite resources to build with. Mining however is not a feature of this game. You can however share creations easily with your friends of the Eden World. It is currently available for $1 on the market place.
    • Survivalcraft - Is another clone just like Even: World Builder except for the Windows Phones. It however offers you a story line that starts you out on an island all because you were abandoned by your ship mates. It offers every feature of minecraft except for the random generated greatness that minecraft and other clones offer. The worlds feel very limited in generation at the beginning. Available for $2.99
    • Worldcrafter - A very poor graphic representation of Terraria. Has a very unoriginal feel as it offers basically every feature of all the minecraft clones combined in a side scrolling environment. It has received random mixture of good and bad comments on the game release site.
    • Brick Force - A free to play game, currently in beta. This game is great for people who likes the action oriented feel of Minecraft clones with the ability to create your own maps for in game fun. It has a mini store to buy guns, clothing, accessories, ect to customize your player's look as well as stats to increase your skill levels. You rank up like in most popular mmo games. It has an very original feel to the game is is highly recommended by me to play. Is free.
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    I know RIGHT! I think that kid is just being a Jack Ass...
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    I simply want something kind of like a menu system. Something like the mod I used to play where you select "RPG Mode" when you come into the game under single player and when you load in there is a rotating menu that has different classes like Woodsman, Miner, Balanced, Builder, ect. And for every time you do something it adds to your experience and to your abilities to do things faster or craft stuff at different lvls. You can even go into the menus and lvl stuff up like you would for skills in an normal RPG.

    For example the mod I was talking about is: RPG Craft Mod

    Now that was a great RPG mod and I would really like for it to be implemented.
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