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    posted a message on Donkies are the best thing ever.
    Quote from Scum

    Yeah, ok. Attack donkies.

    Asses that kick ass...?
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    posted a message on Simes Quench Torches and Fire
    Nice ideas. Large/Huge Slimes should also smush up Redstone into themselves.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.6 Squiggly Blobs Confirmed in next update? Daniel Kaplan Tweet!
    It probably means that they're implementing something somehow related to sort of blob that can be described as squiggly.
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    posted a message on MINECARFT VS LEGO
    Quote from spiderking220

    I hope this was a joke. It's like comparing water to a potato! :P

    Water is better; but potatoes are more nutritious. Water FTW though; it's more essential than potatoes. You can get what you get in potatoes from plenty of things, whereas water is something your body needs that doesn't have any usable alternates.
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    posted a message on Minecraft News, and Minecraft Realms
    Darn... I didn't know that Mojang would charge for this. Oh well.
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Two of them:
    1) Return the older beacon model/texture:

    And 2) Add more weird, special, rare island biomes. The flower biome is a good idea. I'd also like to see a slime island biome and other, similar things.
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    posted a message on Gonna ask (hopefully) my first girl friend out using minecraft
    Quote from 123nart

    Wow, twelve years olds dating? What has the world come to. By the way, this should go in the dating section.

    "Dating" and actually dating are two completely different things. When middle-schoolers say that they're "going out" with someone, "dating" someone, etc. they just mean that they're sort-of-together with that person, and often it basically just means they're ACTING like they're together with someone. (Trust me, I'm in 8th grade.)

    Anyway, as much as I really don't recommend asking someone "out" in a text chat, if you really think it's going to work, then go for it.
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    posted a message on Big, Giant, Awesome Feature?
    I thought that perhaps rather than having updates with many parts and features (such as the Redstone Update) perhaps there should be an update focused on one HUGE, awesome, complicated new feature, such as red/other-colored dragons and Enderdragon AI improvement, terrain generation changes, Villager/Village improvement, or, most importantly, the Mod and Plugin APIs we've been waiting ages for. Well, what do you guys think of this?
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    posted a message on Bug with automated funaces
    Quote from cadika_orade

    Perhaps this bug isn't so bad? An added inefficiency to slightly limit the potential size and benefit of absurdly massive automated farms and factories.

    That's actually true... however a set chance of losing an item, or perhaps just fuel, going into a furnace from a Hopper might be a better idea, in my opinion.
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    posted a message on What is in store for us in 1.6?
    Underwater content would be great, but I doubt that that's gonna happen. If they were to implement the idea of there being a sky dimension after the End, though... but again, I highly doubt it.
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