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    Alright guys, hear me out. It's very obvious New York is more expensive than Florida. The only thing that's pricey is Disney Merchandise (don't buy it? Hurk). And let's face it, New York City is not a very kid friendly and easily accessible area. But really it's not even that hard to go between New York and Florida. People do it all the time. We have this magical road on the east called "I-95".. it's this large interstate highway that goes straight from.. Florida.. to New York. So anyone on the east coast can easily get to it and should have no problem getting to either state. You're looking at a two day drive at the most anyway (depending on how much of a pansy you are. It's less than 1,100 mis. Assuming you wanted to >drive<). Flights between either is very accessible. If you start saving now, or ask for an early Christmas, it'd be the perfect thing. New York vacations and Florida vacations are much cheaper for east coasters than if you wanted to go to California. Amiright?

    But regardless my choice for Florida isn't even because I live here. The convention area here is very nice. Even if Majong didn't do it at Disney the Orange County Convention Center is the perfect place to be. It's very spacious, in a great part of Orlando, and close enough for people who may still want to go to Disney and for those who don't, although Disney has always offered very very GOOD rates for convention goers. When Megacon goes on down here, you can always get in the Disney parks a whole whopping 50% off (serious money when park tickets are like 82$ for residents). Although depending on how Majong strikes their deal with Disney, I've seen a lot of convention goers just get in free because they are having a convention at Disney, but not all Disney Conventions have to be held in the limited convention areas in the actual park. There are convention areas on Disney property that don't require you to go into the park (Walt Disney World is about the size of San Francisco. Did you know that?). Especially with the Orlando Airport just being TEN MINUTES from the property. There's also tons of cheap hoteling around Disney if you're not one to want a hotel at there. But regardless, Disney has many many resorts that are pretty cheap. You don't have to stay at the Grand Floridian, guys. There's plenty of Clarions, Daysinns, Redroofs, and motel 8s if you're feeling cheap right off the property on International drive.. which is two lights away from the start of the Downtown Disney Area, with a max time of like 20 minutes to any of the parks.

    November is touristy time for the holidays.... .. but so is any place that has tourism. Macy's thanksgiving day parade much? I'm sure Majong won't be placing Minecon around or near any important Holidays. My only reasoning with Florida being the choice (specifically orlando) is because of the family entertainment that is Disney. You wee ones are more likely to convince your parents to go to Disney than to go to New York City. Especially with recent news like Boston bombings. The streets are significantly less crowded and in my opinion easier to navigate. It's much closer to the airport for those worried about transportation, but far enough away from actual Down Town Orlando that you won't get bathsalts thrown in your face (since Disney is actually in Lake Buena vista.. not Orlando. But it's all considered the "orlando area" like Kissimmee). It's also an easy drive for anyone coming from the east coast states. Straight down I-95 to I-4. Coming from more to the left like Alabama, take highway 75.

    And you won't freeze your ass off. It can get chilly, but you're looking at comfortable temperatures of 75 and maybe up to 81 on a "hot florida day" in November.


    Nicely said, And I agree, people under-estimate Florida. NOTE TO EVERYONE: IT IS NOT HOT ALL YEAR EVERY YEAR IN FLORIDA!
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