About Me
I am a perfectly clean, Christian furry and glad to say it! I like clean anthro art, I have autism spectrum disorder (Formerly Aspergers), and best of all, I believe in Jesus Christ!
Favorite movies:

The Truman Show, the LEGO movie, UP, How to train your dragon and it's sequel, and possibly the upcoming Portal / hl2 / star wars movies by bad robot productions.

Favorite TV shows:

LOST, Leverage

Favorite bands / musical artists:


Favorite books:

The chronicles of Narnia and Draw Furries (Great tutorial book!)

Favorite games:

Portal, Portal 2, Garry's Mod, and Minecraft.

Favorite gaming platform:


Other Interests:

Portal 2 mod development, Video editing, Sound design, Speculation, CLEAN Anthro, time travel, urban exploration, Household hacking/DIY, Photography, alternate universes, other worlds, Jesus, and creating things- i just love creating stuff!

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