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    As the title suggests, I'm making an MGS4 texture pack, but it's more than just skins. I'm also adding in MGS4 sound effects and music. As of now, I've made an almost decent suicide Gekko skin out of the creepers, a PMC soldier skin out of the skeletons, the porkchops into Regain energy drink and the swords into a stun knife, and I downloaded the AK-47 skin from this fellow: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=31622 However, I'm going to change it to look more like an AK-102. I of course am using an Old Snake skin, which I also edited to my liking, that I downloaded from someone on the Skindex. If anyone really cares, I can find out who and give a link. I've also switched out some of the songs with some from the MGS4 OST and made the bow sound a gunshot from MGS4. I'm going big with this.

    Anyways, I'll probably put up some screens later once I make a little more progress. Give me some suggestions of more skins to make, I've sort of hit bedrock with that...
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