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    I would love to see a mod where you can add dyes to stone or wool blocks and make even more textured blocks that can be used in game and have the structural integrity of stone, iron or obsidian blocks. This idea came to mind while working on a texture pack for 1.4.7 that is now outdated..(.time to start on my 1.5 project,lol.) I had some real nice textures on the wool blocks..great for certain creative aesthetics but not really practical in game(survival/hardcore modes)
    I am looking for something to add beauty but still be useful in overall gameplay.
    BTW..nice to see a young kid with such ambition...keep working toward your goals and be not deterred by the occasional roadblock...this from an old man of 46 who raised four children.

    EDIT...A little elaboration ..on my project, I was using marble and fractal image textures at 128px. I was amazed at how clearly the images showed up on the wool blocks. I was happy with it until I entered a village where the lamp post used one of the custom blocks and just looked silly. Hence my idea for creating new, durable textured blocks...sry for the ramble
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