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    So are there any aussies who want to participate in a deathrun?

    Well im not Australian but what do you mean by death run

    It's like a race to the end of a track and there are different stages like jumping from platform to platform over lava and choosing which minecart track to take or chest to open etc.

    Almost like a deathrun server in css, just not user controlled traps

    i would :biggrin.gif: im in brisbane :3 close to melbourne
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    Why I want to be a part of this server:I want a fun server to rp/build on withought masses of lag...
    What I can contribute to this server: i quite like building thinks like skytowers :3 i <3 the view :tongue.gif:
    How long I've played Minecraft: i have had minecraft since alpha 1.1
    Why will you never greif: i hate greifers D: i have played a couple servers and on most of them my house gets destroyed, changed or ruined :sad.gif: i hope due to the plugins and ops (msw1,jeremy) i hope that this will eliminate the griefers :biggrin.gif:
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    when i played with it the lines in the glass were blocking my view of things :/ i think you should probably make the lines thinner or something
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