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    posted a message on [PORTUGUESE] 1.16.2 Survival Vanilla / Datapacks / Plugins / BR ou PT
    Servidor Survival - 1.16.x

    Tem uns 4 dias de idade só, quem quiser entrar entra no discord aí que lá tem o ip.

    QUEM FALAR PORTUGUÊS PODE ENTRAR, só mandar o discord aí.

    • Vanilla
    • Plugins
    • Datapacks (Vanilla Tweaks)
    • Um shopzin dos players no spawn (Só um por enquanto)

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    posted a message on [1.16] World in a Jar: REMASTERED - BETA Survival Map
    Keep track of the development on Trello!

      Hi, my name is Thiago, I've always been a fan of the World in a Jar map. But unfortunately the original creator left the sequel map at 95% completed and gave up on the project. Therefore, I plan to continue where he left off and make the World in Jar: Remastered.

     Have you ever imagined what's like to live inside a bottle? I'm sure you have! Just download this map and live the life of your dreams! Jokes aside, this is an old, but also new, take on survival maps. There's a jar for almost every structure/biome. Go on and explore this world. Just keep in mind that the nether/the end jars are pretty far away.

    Download on PMC

    FAQ -

    Are you the creator of World in a Jar?
    A: No, just a fan who wants to continue his project.

    Which version is the map in?
    A: 1.16 RC-1

    Which language is the map in?
    A: Portuguese and English

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