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    Hi everyone, I am mrburgerUS, an 8-year Minecraft veteran. I am posting because I have just released my first 1.13.2 mod, Beta+, that re-adds both Alpha and Beta Terrain. Additionally, the mod addresses common complaints of the generator by deepening oceans and adding all the modern structures we have come to expect. I take inspiration from my progenitors (ted80 and DatWorldGen, who created the original classic terrain mods), but I aim to make the system as cohesive as possible, and as replicable as possible. But enough of that, I'll let screenshots talk.


    Seed: Glacier

    1.7.3Beta Glacier

    1.13.2 Beta+

    Beta+ Glacier

    As you can see, the generator recreates block-for-block the generation as it appeared in Beta. This is not exclusive to Glacier, gargamel or 404 or ANY seed can be remade using my mod, and it will be playable to the same level as any 1.13.2 world!

    Seed: gargamel

    gargamel Beta+

    gargamel is EXACTLY the same too!


    1. Accurate Beta and Alpha terrain, with modern features such as Ocean Monuments, Mansions, and Shipwrecks!
    2. Deeper oceans! No more 7-block deep oceans.
    3. Server-support, Client-side features, and an Alpha Grass retexture that only activates in Alpha worlds!
    4. Biome support! All new biomes exist in Beta+ in Beta worlds.
    5. Modern decoration ensures everything needed for a full play through of Minecraft is provided.
    6. It's Beta Terrain! My favorite :D

    Download Location:

    And one final photo, of Alpha worlds:


    Thanks for reading!


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