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    I own a real life Minecraft world and am making a thread about it. First of all you need a job as are currency is diamonds you will get a 500 diamond starter to buy something with. You need a job to get a house and other stuff after you got a house you can start your own business or stick with your job or get a new one. While buying a house you can either Rent Mortgage or buy your house mortgaging means you fully own your house and you just give me as much diamonds as you like above 100 diamonds and you don't need permission to change anything in your house such as getting a new extension or breaking a wall or changing a wall. Renting means you pay as much as it says on the sign monthly. Also you need permission from the company you rent the house off to add an extension or break a wall although you don't need permission for furniture or anything. You can move house whenever you like. For a job you can buy a building and make a shop there or company. If you make a shop or company share it in the activity feed on our Xbox app club superbuilder's real life world the logo is a polar bear with a blue back round. To join the world you need to send a friend request to superbuilder854 on the Xbox app and whenever I am on you can join. bye!!!!!!!!

    Website Link: http://realifeworld.simplesite.com/

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