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    posted a message on >-Calling All Builder and Server Developers-< I need your help


    Role i want:Mod on factions

    More info on skype ty add me
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    posted a message on New Factions Server! Needs Staff!
    Can you record videos:Yep
    Country and Timezone:Application Information:Serbia
    Do you have Skype? If so, what is it:DeepYo
    Activity/Playtime:10 hours per week or more
    Prior Experience:I already had my own server and was mod on 3 servers
    Coding Experience:Other Information:
    Anything else:Nothing :D
    Why should we accept you:Things to keep in mind: No matter what you are applying for, unless it is exceptional, you will highly likely start out as Chat Mod. Also, OP is not a rank. I like helping servers and yeah i played factions very long i know how it goes
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    posted a message on ✳ ✴ ✵ ✶ ✷ Steam Shire ✳ ✴ ✵ ✶ ✷ 1.8 ✳ ✴ ✵ ✶ ✷ 24/7! ✳ ✴ ✵ ✶ ✷ NEED STAFF ✳ ✴ ✵ ✶ ✷ MULTIGAME SERVER ✳ ✴ ✵ ✶ ✷ 17GB 9999 SLOTS✳


    EXPERIENCE I already had my server so i have so much experience trust me :D

    ALL PAST ROLES Owner Co-Owner Admin Mod



    WHY SHOULD WE ACCEPT YOU: i can protect server from cheaters and rule breakers im good with wand and world guard can protect areas :D


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    posted a message on JOIN MY SERVER! GET ADMIN! NEED STAFF PLZ
    Quote from TheGangsters»
    How old are you?: I am 14 years old, and im very responsible and I could handle head-admin.
    How long have i been on the server?: for about 1 hour.
    What's my username?: TheGangster.
    Am I good with bukket?: Yes i am, I have build a spawn before and i know how to use World Edit. I usually look at the commands almost daily to see if anything has changed.
    Name a server issue and how i would handle it.: If someone was asking for stuff or spamming i would give them 3 warnings, (2 if they are know to do it) then i would kick them if they were spamming then when they come on i would mute them for 5 minutes and if they were asking for stuff i would kick them then i would say that if they did it one more time, it would be a tempban.
    How would i deal with someone trying to hack the server?: I would ask they if they were kidding and if they were i would tempban for 3-4 days, then if they didnt say anything i would tempban for 1 week and immidiately i would contact The owner saying that there was a hacker and could i ban him forever.
    What would i do if I say someone griefing another players house?: IF it was a protected area or spawn, i would tempban and talk to the owner about it.
    Have I ever been banned on this server before?: No, and hopefully i never will be!
    Have i ever been staff on another server before?: Yes, the ranks i have been is Owner, Head Admin, Admin, Trial Mod.
    Why do I want to be this rank?: Because i want to help the server with as much as i can do, and i want to help it grow in ammounts of people, and in in-game!
    What have i done so far on this server that makes me think that i deserve this rank?: I have brought people to the server and i am trying to tell people about this server because again, i want to this server become the best server it can be, and i have helped staff do stuff, i help people if they dont know where to apply, or if they need to go to the website for another reason, I help them.
    Other reasons why i should be deticated.: I should be deticated because i think this server could use more people and if i get it i can make a good jail if they need one or i just want to help the owner out as much as i can! My maturity is about a 9 1/2.... i can have silly moments

    Copy/paste gg btw i will. Join server
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    posted a message on I need a builder Team for my server
    1. 9/10

    2. Good at both

    3. Never

    4.Yes i can do it

    5. im 16 years its all
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