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I'm a 16 year old programmer, as well as a YouTuber.
I *used to* make mods for MCPE in ModPE. These mods only worked in BlockLauncher and sometimes Toolbox.
I'm currently moving forward with my career and hoping to make a name out of myself.

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These are some of my favorites:

• Game- Skyrim. Need For Speed. Life is Strange. A multitude of others.
• Music Artists- Madeon, Big Data, Joywave, ODESZA, Tourist, Coldplay, pleennttyyy more. Marian Hill is a new favorite. I have over 2800 songs downloaded on my phone...there's a lot.
• Food- Cereal 😏
• Social Media- Twitter, YouTube (username is thejaustin on both)
• YouTuber- youtube is ded
• Modders- Byteandahalf, ironhead6530, JesseYantiss, & more!

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