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    T.O.G. SMP started early this year in February of 2019 with the goal to offer a variety of features while also being unique and one of a kind as opposed to other SMP servers. We aim to follow somewhat along the lines of a HermitCraft style server, but with our own unique touch. There are also a number of projects and events planned for community members to enjoy. We also have a custom discord bot with a plethora of features such as a custom economy, levels system, music bot, profiles, and more along with another bot which connects your discord and Minecraft accounts while in the community! There are plans to continue growing and we are always looking at various ways we can expand.

    Season 1: Savor The Stone
    Since the server opened to the public, there have been countless applications from players interested in joining. Now that we’ve grown and established a community of active and dedicated members, we have moved out of Pre-Season and onto Season 1! Our first season features stone materials and tools along with some special boosts and perks for using them. There are also plans to add a bunch more content and change things up throughout the season! Come join us as we Savor The Stone!

    SMP Plugins
    One Player Sleep
    Mob Heads
    PermissionsEx (Permission Management Only)
    SilkSpawner (25% Drop Rate)
    Custom Season Theme Plugin
    Discord To Minecraft Chat (Universal Chatting)

    CMP & Modded Gamemodes
    Along with our SMP server, we also have a CMP server which was released on June 27th. The purpose of our CMP (Creative Multiplayer) is to give players the chance to test out potential builds in the SMP server with tools such as World Edit and Voxel Sniper. At the same time, we want to allow players to have the ability to enjoy free building in a hand-picked seed rather than the same old boring plots you find on creative servers.

    We also have a Modded server coming soon with the Mod Pack being decided in the next few days. It will be run on a 7gb or 8gb server to ensure minimal lag.

    Community Rules
    All rules are subject to change and staff have the right to implement new ones if necessary. The rules are also listed on our Discord server. Cheating with software such as Forge will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from the community. Optifine is allowed when using it for purposes of reducing lag. Griefing and stealing are not permitted and will not be tolerated. All members must first be approved and whitelisted before being considered a full member of the community. PvP is not permitted unless both parties are in agreement. Auto-farms are not permitted and will be removed. Auto farms are permitted as long as they are outside of the spawn chunks of 256 -256.

    Community Projects, Events, & Guilds
    One of the focal points of the community is community projects which we use to grow and expand development on the server through group effort. These projects are one of the most important aspects and all members are expected to participate to some extent and are encouraged to contribute materials. On our discord server, we give the option of adding roles which will allow you to receive pings regarding updates for various server projects.

    Server events are another large aspect of the server which can occur both on and off of the server. There are plans to hold events such as Hunger Games, UHC, PVP tournaments, Building Contests, and VC chat parties.

    In our community we allow players to create their own guilds. Player Guilds can revolve around almost any interest even outside of Minecraft. Every guild receives a designated channel and role, however, the more members you have, the more perks your guild receives. There is also a server guild known as the Hunter’s Guild which allows players to freely engage in PvP against others in the guild without two party consent needed.

    Below you will find our application format which we ask you to fill out in the comments section below. There is no requirement to how much or little you must write, but the more detailed the application, the higher of a chance you’re accepted. Following the application, if your all checks out expect to get invited to our discord server for a short interview/conversation with a staff member. Following the interview, if accepted you’ll receive the server IP and get whitelisted. Thank you for taking interest in T.O.G. SMP and we look forward to meeting you soon!




    Discord ID (Name#0000):

    Do you have a mic (yes/no):

    Skills (Mining, Building, Farming, Redstoning, Hunting, etc.):

    Why do you want to join our SMP?

    How active can you be daily? (Daily Average Hours):

    Tell us about yourself (Hobbies, Skills, Interests):

    Did anyone refer you to us? If so, who?:

    Extra Info:

    For questions feel free to add SkyGuy#1164, Horizon#3843, TannerIsAGod#9478, Alex F#7930 or Cap’nGramma#6975 on Discord

    Short Cinematic Video:

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