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    posted a message on Need help finding a circuit!
    Hi. I'm hoping you redstone people may be able to help me find a circuit I'm looking for. I'll try to describe it the best I can, but sorry if it doesn't come across clear enough. What I'm looking for is a counter. But not a normal counter, a counter that can add and subtract.... Following me? For example press a button and the counter adds one, like a normal counter, but press another button and it subtracts the one you just added. I hope you guys could help me find it.
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    posted a message on world variety, specific attributes for each world
    I'd have to disagree. I wouldn't want to play though a world to find out that I couldn't recreate something I saw in a YouTube video.
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    posted a message on ♥☻☺Display Names v.s Usernames☺☻♥
    So it would be like Steam, basically? I'm not a fan of people having the same username. If they made it where you were able to change your name, but the name couldn't already be taken, that would be cool.
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    posted a message on MobbinCraft [Vanilla][1.3.2][Mature][16+][Whitelisted][Similar To Mindcrack][Youtube LP][24/7][Dedicated Hosting]
    Ign: Doubleki11er

    Age: 17

    Favorite Mindcrack Player: BdoubleO

    Any Bans: Nope

    Why do you want to join: I like playing with other people, and the last survival server I was on shut down.

    Why should I pick you: I'm fun, creative, and get along with other people.

    Skype: TheBoosterIsBack

    Timezone/Location: USA PST

    Can you donate to keep the server running: No, sorry.

    Any talents: Playing minecraft! Specifically: building and redstone.

    Any Other Comments About You: Not really. I hope you pick me!
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    posted a message on SaviorCraft - Medieval RP Server - NEED BUILDERS
    Minecraft Username:

    What position are you applying for:


    In your own words, please explain what RP is OR give a unique example:

    A certain community where people share a realistic fantasy experience.
    Have you RPed before?

    Prior RP experience:

    Do you have skype:

    Are you willing to use skype for IMing:

    Prior experience to the position you are applying for:

    I build quite a bit on my own, but have never worked with anyone else.
    How much time do you have to commit to this project:

    Until 1.3 comes out A.K.A. August 1st.
    Why do you want to help with this project:

    I've got nothing to do until my server comes back up on August 1st.
    What qualifies you for this position:

    I'm a good builder. (Self-proclaimed)

    What are you able to contribute to this project:

    My building skills.
    Examples of your work (not optional):

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    posted a message on Hey, so I made these buildings...
    I really like the Garden. The other one's are not as good, in my opinion.
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    posted a message on Medium Sized House
    Last update. I promise.

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    posted a message on Medium Sized House
    I finished this. Got it to the point where I'm happy with it.




    First Floor

    Second Floor

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    posted a message on Medium Sized House
    Part of a town that I'm working on.

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    posted a message on How long have you been playing minecraft?
    I've been playing since around Alpha. When it was about $12.
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    posted a message on Spawn for server.
    Quote from ZxylBasilio

    It would be better if that building is in a default world not in a flat land :D

    It will be implemented into a normal world when we put in in the server.

    Quote from Miss_Jillian

    You sir, have my deepest respect for that! ^_^

    On the topic at hand, I adore the shape of it very much; but I like variety and I feel that you should involve more stone it in somehow. Perhaps add some decorative stone facade?

    Played around with this idea, but didn't come up with anything I liked enough to keep.

    Quote from lovergirl176

    nice,looks good,whats the ip?

    This is the survival server: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1162334-demaciacraft-new-10-slot-server-247-dedicated-whitelisted-logblock-mcmmo-deathcube-orefuscator-and-more/page__hl__%20demaciacraft
    It's currently down, but will be back up when 1.3 comes out!
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    posted a message on New Use For Currency
    Quote from supa1337killa

    Trading items for gold and emerald sounds good too, kinda like in oblivion :3
    The trader has a limited amount of gold so you cant sell everything and be rich.

    I like this. Restricting the amount they can buy seems like a good idea.
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    posted a message on New Use For Currency
    Quote from Zoju

    The only reason you can mine emeralds (as said, very rare stuff) so emeralds aren't "just there" to trade with, but they exist as a rare gemstone in the world that's used as a currency for the same reason. You aren't meant to get rich from mining emeralds.

    But you CAN get rich. If you farm ender eyes or chickens the you can buy whatever you want.
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    posted a message on New Use For Currency
    Quote from Tom Tzu

    But that's exactly how money WORKS: You're reluctant to spend it on something because you could spend it on something else instead. Opportunity cost, the paradox of choice, and all that.

    And why should the villagers not be able to buy renewables like chicken, wool, etc.? It seems to me that they'd be most interested in those commodities, because they are in general useful for daily life and survival.

    You're right about the first part, but if they buy renewable things, then you would be able to farm emeralds.
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    posted a message on New Use For Currency
    Quote from Black_Drath

    You mean you want a barter system instead of currency?
    I don't really see how this would be better than the system currently in place. It just makes it much more difficult to use.
    Also, I dislike suggestions that add new, non-currency related uses to emeralds. They are a currency item not a super useful, magic stone. They are a currency because they have no use for anything else.

    I'd have to disagree. People should be reluctant to spend them because they have another purpose. Also the should take off the ability for the villagers to buy renewable items, like chicken, ended eyes and such.
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