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    posted a message on [1.16+] [Modded] [All The Mods 6] CamelotCraft SMP Server, aiming to start a community

    Hello all, and good evening!

    What is the server like?

    Inspired by my experience playing on a fairly large server back in the early 2010s, I recently got some friends together and started up a new server, hoping to build a friendly, tight-knit community. This post is the result of that desire, as we'd love our server to be open to more people coming by to check it out, and maybe stick around for some Jam Covered Toast (seriously, the cooking mod is fantastic).

    We don't allow PvP (unless agreed upon by both parties), and griefing is a hard no. Other than that, the world is your oyster! Except putting a reactor under spawn and letting it overload, don't do that.

    We would really prefer that those who joined are 18 or above, simply because all of us who play so far are in our late teens and early 20s.

    What kind of features does the server have?

    Running the "All the Mods 6" modpack, we've got plenty of options for magic, technology, and adventuring, from dungeons to dragons to gun turrets to nuclear reactors (and a few rats, too). I'm currently working on setting up custom name colors for people who want them, and there exists a method for claiming your territory so others can't touch it, unless you allow them to, of course.

    Also included is the famous Twilight Forest mod! So nice to see it back.

    Over the course of the server's life we will potentially be looking into concepts like factions for organized PvP (optional, of course), perks for long time players, and other suggestions! We're open to discussion on how the server should go, this is a communal venture.

    How do I put in an application for joining? Why is an application even needed?

    The "application" is admittedly much of a formality, and features questions along the lines of "what is your favorite movie" and "are you secretly a murderer". It's simply a method for myself and my co-owner to get to know our future community members.

    All you have to do is fill out the Google form below with your information, and I'll review it and send you a request on Discord!


    I would also appreciate if once you've done this, you comment below so I know to check!

    Included below are a few photos of the server. Forgive me, I'm far from the best photographer.

    Thank you for your time!

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