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    Hey guys, So last brake off work i spent a week building a statue of liberty. I originally built it in version 1.14.4 but i converted it down to 1.12 so others can use it. This changed a few tiles to different ones as 1.12 didnt have them. I initially used prismarine as my Statue however then changed it to diamond as prismarine isnt available for all earlier releases.I also used Endstone Bricks which are available however the Endstone Walls weren't so they converted into Cobblestone which ended up looking alot nicer than what i intended.😊

    Download Link is below and also the Timelapse of me building it. I used over 250,000 bricks and 20hours of build time which i recorded most of it as i did it over the course of a few days.

    Download Link: https://myshorten.com/B055MAN-1


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