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    FAIL thats a personal ip
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    Hey I'm Mad Decent, the owner of Mad Clan, and im looking for admins to help manage and build the clans minecraft server. we just got it so there isn't that much. and you may really help! we can only accept 5 people so put your app in now!

    Minecraft Name:

    Real Name:

    Steam username(if you have one):


    Current post number:

    Why i should choose you:

    additional information(about you):

    Here is an example application

    Minecraft Name: theallboarder

    Steam username(if you have one): catenation
    steam nickname: Mad Decent

    Real Name: Justin

    Age: 20

    Current post number: 43

    Why i should choose you: ive played minecraft for years and have previous admin experience

    additional information(about you): i play baseball, snowboard, and love gaming. i am %100 addicted to minecraft and really want to help you guys out!
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