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    Out of Charecter:[/b]

    Name: Peter Wessel

    IGN: Jonificus

    Age: 18

    Why do you want to join: I really really like roleplaying

    Explain what Meta-Gaming is: It's when you use information gained OOCly.

    In Charecter:[/b]

    Name: Jebediah Ashford

    Age: 23

    Grade/Profession: Janitor (former cafeteria worker)

    Personality: A curious and very trusting man, he likes to sing and joke around when working. He can be awfully loud but can't help it.

    Background: Jebediah has spent his entire childhood in special ed just like any other boy with downs would. When it was time for him to leave the nest he got work as a cafeteria worker at the school but was later reassigned to janitor because he spent too much time eating the food at the cafeteria rather than working. Now he has found a new fondness in waxing floors and chitchatting either with the students or himself.

    Group: Special education

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    You're right, [future applicant] desert tribal is the best race.
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    Great event! Excited for more of the mystery to be solved!
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    IGN: jonhan2
    Age: 17
    How did you find us: Gobi
    Extra Info: Gobi's got me on skype

    Character Name: Ordolo Vaurca
    Race: Human desert tribal
    Age: 34
    Class: Witch doctor
    Appearance: Ordolo is a bald man with golden earrings who wears traditional garbs from his tribe and a large silver buckle resembling a skull. Your first impression would most likely be that Ordolo is a chieftain.
    Personality Traits: Ordolo is an untrustworthy man who demands respect from everyone he meets, then again he can be just as kind as he is mysterious.
    Character Strengths: Ordolo is a sorcerer who deals in voodoo, a skill he has been perfecting all of his life (I've given myself loads of red lines for this so it won't be OP). Ordolo is also very well versed in potionmaking although his true skills lies in aesthetic 'magic' where he mostly just does some fancy illusions to amaze on-lookers.
    Character Weaknesses: Ordolo is rather weak physically due to his many years of sorcery. He also speaks common very poorly, he understands it but has issues with speaking it.
    Backstory: Ordolo grew up in a cave which was controlled by an occult tribe who've been revered throughout the desert. Ordolo is the son of a powerful voodoo priest who is said to have cursed his son with baldness after Ordolo came home late, the Vaurca family are vicious men and women who merely wish for others to fear and respect them. Ordolo was blessed with the powers of voodoo by his father once he was of the right age and immediately began his training. Ranging from curses to chanting, Ordolo learned all there is to know of the mysterious sorcery.

    About two years ago, Ordolo and a couple of other tribesmen were taken in the middle of the night by slavers, it didn't take long before an auction was set up on a port by the nearby river. But before the auction had started, the slaver's arms and legs simply snapped like branches, a hooded dark skinned figure walked past the injured man, dropping a doll with it's arms and legs twisted. Ordolo smirked as he knew help was on the way, a minute later and war chants were heard surrounding the port town. Ordolo and his fellow slaves looked out of there cages to see a huge gathering of warriors from several tribes, it didn't take long before the slaves were freed and vengeance was served. Ordolo however... was not satisfied, he left the tribe to pursue his wish to harm racist scum who puts others in chains, and to make the tribe's name more renowned throughout the world.
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    Quote from XXxYusukexXX

    IGN: XXxYusukexXX
    Age: 13
    RP Experience: Minecraft RP Server, Adventure Quest World, Final Fantasy, Inotia
    Reason For Joining: I Think This Server Is The Best RP Server
    Skype Name:( I Don't Have A Skype)
    Did You Ready The Rules: Yes :Lava:
    Any Question: Is This Server Is Premium Server?

    In Character For Non Mages

    Name: Yusuke
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Class: Bandit
    Backstory: Yusuke grew up in a rich family on Camelot,His parent always overprotective On Him,His parent sent a bodyguard to keep him safe,but Yusuke doesn't like it so he killed the bodyguard and ran out to viaris,
    on that place nobody knows him because he is famous only in Camelot,one day he is looking for job in viaris
    and someone hired him as a farmer,he work had he really likes his new life,but the father sent out someone to kill a guy that took his son,and they found the farmer is the one who took his son,so they killed him and took Yusuke back to Camelot, on the way to Camelot Yusuke saw a sword on the horse-drawn carriage and he killed all the guard and he is lost he don't know where he going he trying to survive in the wilderness.

    Strength And Weakness:
    Strength:Good Survivor,Know Farm Well,Good At Sword,Hiding
    Weakness:Bad At Bow,Doing Something Without Thinking

    Sorry but the server's been down for a very long time. However I'd have no issues with adding you to our skype chat (The core of the community still lives) so you could be updated on our next project.

    Same goes for all the others who have sent in an application, just PM me and ask to be added. (I might even PM you with the proposition)
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    Guys, this project was killed off ages ago ._.
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    Quote from LordMuffin123



    RP Experience (We love new people as well): I play a lot of skyrim and have great RPG attitude when it comes to RP minecraft servers. I play TERA Rising and much more role playing games. RP is one of my favorite genres for Minecraft simply because the servers are great and the people are very mature and nice.

    Any Previous Bans (Won't stop us from whitelisting you, just want to see honesty): I have been banned from about 3 Faction servers for swearing at times when I got angry at a person, and also for getting real mad at the staff that were like 6 years old so I cursed at their server and I got banned. Otherwise not really any servers.

    Did you Read the Rules: I have read the rules and willing to accept them the way they are written. “Filthy Tribals”~Muffinz

    Denied, you need to fill out the IC part as well. Feel free to re-apply-
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    Welcome to the roleplay server: The Frontier of Krinvala, TFoK for short.IP: Texturepack(This is essentially required but we won’t force you. But if there’s a fight over textures the person with the recommended texturepack will win): http://www.jslegacy.com/Wiki: http://the-frontier-...f_Krinvala_Wiki (feel free to make a page for your character if you get accepted!)

    As the boat sways with the waves and the misty morning air hits your face, you look out into the ocean wondering how much longer the journey will be. A Charter comes up next to you, and begins to talk to you, “ Hey, up early eh? Can't wait to see the new land?” You only manage a nod, still shaking off some of the drowsiness, as the Charter continues “ Well, good luck settlin this Krinvala, not much there really, only good settling spots would be that old caste in the woods. Might get some people to settle around there, unless you're one of them loners.” You smile, thanking him with a tired voice, and he continues “Mighty brave of ya to come here though, with Trinpolis so over populated, probably not much of a choice. Have you heard the rumors about the magic still being here?” You nod, thinking how it was obvious you did, since all of Trinpolis heard of it through the infamous Tribals with their un-known Shaman. The boat finally reaches the sight of land, the shouts of “Land Ho!” can be heard from all corners of the boat. As it reaches the small makeshift dock, you wonder what you are going to do, settling it into your mind for the last time. “Good luck Mate.” Says the Charter, as he walks away.The continent of Trinpolis is overcrowed, you're moving to Krinvala to start a new life.After the people from Trinpolis came into Krinvala, they took times of hardship and violence. With Magic revealing itself, under the Master Mage Osolt, they began to prosper in ways and suffer in others. Some began to grow wary of magic, and it’s growing order, but nothing changed until the days the Krinvalans made themselves known.They cursed the Tower of Magic, and the Master Mage within it. He became far weaker, while the Leader of the Krinvalans, Lady Krin, became stronger. The town was attacked by hordes of Male Slaves, sent by their Female Krinvalan Masters. The Town only lived because the Hordes were equipped with nothing but Stone, and the iron they faced took them down easily. But it was not too long before they were exhausted from the many slaves, and were at the mercy of the Enchantresses and their Lady Krin.They came into town, using magic to immobilize any who tried to fight back. The Lady Krin laughed at their weakness, and began to order her Enchantresses to kill them with Knives slowly, one at a time. Some died by the Time the Master Osolt appeared, in a severely weakened state. The Lady only laughed at her old lover, saying:“Oh, my dear old Malt, you do not look so powerful now, hmm? Perhaps you have learned your true place.”Osolt only replied saying:“I will not allow this, I may not care for this place, but you shall not win!”He tackled her, gathering what remained of his power, and a ball of fire engulfed them both, expanding into the Ring of Enchantresses around them. After the explosion, the Enchantresses lay dead, and the Lady and Osolt were not to be found, no bodies, no persons. The Town rejoiced, but began to turn on the Magic Users, ensuring that it would never happen again. They Exiled the Mages that remained, save the ones that were pardoned that were with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and they marched on to a new area, where the Krinvalans would not know of them.They found a valley, and made a port, sending word to Trinpolis they have moved. They made a Government, consisting of a Duke, a Representative of the Academy of Science, and a Representative of the Consortium. Now they are a new place, do you wish to join them? Wish to join the Academy of Science or the Consortium? Perhaps find the Exiled Mages and join them in their lonely existence? Only you may choose the Path.
    Note: The mages are outlawed and pro-mage people will be looked down upon or even exiled themselves. Be careful.

    Nur-Agon(Regular Tribals)/Shaman: The Nur-Agon are very similiar to City Staters. They are slightly taller and have a more dirty colour of skin, the main two being a chalky white or a charcoal black. From a distance it is nearly impossible to separate a Nur-Agon from a City Stater by looks alone. The Nur-Agon have a slightly weaker bone structure and can run a small bit faster. They prefer guerilla tactics and use spears and axes mainly. Since they are so similar to the normal human, they live the same amount of time, up to around a 100.
    The Shamans of the Nur-Agon are much different. The Shamans are a very weak bone structure but can fall from higher heights and survive. They are faster and can climb easier. Due to their weak bone structure they find it very difficult to wield heavy weapons or wear heavy armour. Their skin is pure charcoal black or chalky white. Like all Nur-Agon they have blue tattoos but theirs are not paint but rather their veins. The Shamans are highly respected (worshipped essentially) amongst the Nur-Agon. The have a high affinity for magic. They live for around 200 years.

    City Staters: The City Staters are the race that set up the city states on Trinpolis originally. They are essentially humans. They are incredibly well-rounded and their fighting styles vary from person to person. The City Staters are also the race that created the trade language, that is the language spoken widely in inter-race dialogues. The City Staters’ well roundedness stretches far beyond weapons and fighting styles and city staters are essentially free from the constraints of stereotyping. They can live up to 100 years.

    Salamantite: The Salamantites are reptile like humanoids from the south of Trinpolis. Being the strongest of all the races the Salamantites have a great affinity (and often liking for) heavy work. They are roughly the height of an average City Stater but are naturally stronger.
    Salamantites get along well with City Staters due to their affinity for work and can often be found in the docks of cities. The have a great fondness for boats and sea-faring being naturally better swimmers thanks to their tails. They are also incredibly resistant to disease and therefore can live for up to 300 years however most Salamantites die around 60 due to the sheer amount of work the average Salamantite will do over the course of their life.

    Heliosan (Heliosian)(Helio-san) (Mid Militaristic):
    “Deep in a forest stands Heliosan; with the best archers on Tripolis; Heliosan is a major threat”
    - Dionysus Fotios Spiros: Septimun Scholar.

    Servana (Servanan)(Ser-v-Ana) (Mid Militaristic):
    “It’s perfectly clean walls are shining example for us all.”
    - Quirinus Lovis: Jalaarite Poet.

    Geovna (Geovnan)(Geo-V-na) (Northern Mercantile):
    “From small beginnings to large profits: Geovna has trade routes across all of Trinpolis.”
    - Justinas Gvidas Simoneit: Maltician Lord.

    Malticia (Maltician)(Mal-Ti-C-ea) (Southern Mercantile):
    “In the very south lies a city filled with sand, gold and gems.”- Matas Vytautas Admiraal: Amite Playwright.

    Derivana (Derivian)(Der-I-va-na) (Mid Mercantile):
    “Here Derevan pointed at the map and said: ‘We will begin our trade there.’ “
    - A tale of Derivana; famous book.

    Jalaar (Jalaarite)(Jal-Aar) (Southern Trade Post):
    “If our ancestors had set up shop any further south we would be in the sea.”
    - Septimus Pete Roscoe; Jalaarite Lord.

    Septima (Septimun)(Sep-T-im-ia) (Mid Diplomatic):
    “Its walls are tall and it army strong; if Septima wanted to conquer Trinpolis, they could.”
    - Extract from a speech from a Livanan General about the other city states.

    Sanchen (Chenite) (Northern Militaristic):
    “Without a doubt Sanchen has the most bloodthirsty of men.”
    - Cainneach Rían Devlin: Heliosian Commander.

    Amyt (Amite) (Am-yt) (Northern Trade Post):
    “The furthest north and the smallest of the city states; Amyt is an integral part of the trade.”
    - Livana Faolan; Fellian Warrior to her fellow squad-mates while defending Amyt.

    Livan (Livanan)(Li-Van) (Southern Militaristic):
    “I give you not trade nor diplomacy; but the strength of steel and armour.”
    - Extract from a book about the war between Septima and Livan.

    Fellia (Fellian) (Feel-E-a) (Mid Militaristic):
    “Amidst a swamp lies Fellia; dirty but efficient.”
    - Ignaas Ernst Wang: Geovnan Scholar.

    Xtran (Xterite)(X-Tra-N) (Southern Militaristic):
    “Any city that starts its name with the letter ‘X’ is a good city in my books.”
    - Estevão Santos: Septimun writer.

    Nur-Agon Religion:
    Silveen -Creator of everything(that isn’t alive)
    Al-mera - Daughter of Silveen: Creator of the Undead and Evils of the World
    Del-mera - Almera’s twin brother: Lord of Death
    Eress - Silveen’s Brother: Creator of Gold, Diamond, Emeralds and other riches; God of Greed
    Leurtali - Silveen’s Wife in a sense: God of Love and Envy
    Rairme - Leurtali’s Sister: Giver of Life

    In the beginning Silveen created everything, he created the sun and the moon; he created the lump of rock we call home and gave it the basis of life: He gave it the air we breath and the trees we cut down for our homes and heat. Soon however, Silveen realised the task would be too much for him alone and he created Leurtali, Eress and Rairme to assist him. To Rairme he said “Create life on this world. Creatures to harvest it’s resources and to look after it.” and Rairme set about it. To Leurtali he said “Give these creatures a means to make more of themselves, and give them the incentive to do so.” and Leurtali set about it. Finally to Eress he said “Create for these creatures a resource for them that’s worth is greater than most of the resources on this world” and he did so. However his plan had downsides. While Rairme was creating life she also had to create death. When Leurtali created Love she accidently created Envy. And while Eress was creating riches he also created Greed. As time went on Silveen deicided it was time to create a few more gods to assist them. So he went to Leurtali and together they created Delmera and Almera. At first the twins were destined for great things. But when they were young they grew tired of the simplicity of the world and came up with a plan to make it more interesting. Into the ears of the major races they whispered thoughts of evil and war. Eventually these ideas took root and the races began to make weapons and war machines. In time they invaded each other.At first Silveen was enraged and he nearly killed his offspring. However, he realised something: For the first time ever the races had taken agency over their own lives. They had begun inventing technologies by themselves albeit, technologies of war. He deicided to keep Almera and Delmera around. He made Delmera the Lord of Death and made it his job to manage the underworld, war, diseases and so on. Then, he made Almera create something for the races to fight that wasn’t themselves; as he did not want them to wipe each other out. To that end she created undead creatures and terrifying monsters. After this Silveen deemed the world ready to forge it’s own path and he and his fellow gods ceased to directly influence the world; intervening only when needed.

    City Staters Religion:
    Celesta: High Goddess, Goddess of Creation
    Miron: Husband to Celesta, God of Life
    Chenba: First Child to Celesta, God of War
    Leora: Second Child, Goddess of Trade
    Himba: Third Child, God of Afterlife
    Jinnan: Lost Sister, Goddess of Evil


    In the beginning, there stood only two beings, ruled by the ancient gods of the world. They were not to know each other, and were sent as far away from each other as possible in the void. The woman of the duo, Celesta, began to ponder a way to gather revenge for their miserable existance. She finally thought of a trick, saying “Mighty Gods, I have spent many years going in this one direction, surely THAT direction would be more dreary?” And she would point to her left. The Ancient gods, thinking to indulge the creature they could kill, allowed her that direction. She waited many years more to do it again, and used their forgetfulness to her advantage. They finally sent her going toward her companion.When they collided, it cast the old gods into the void, and put her alone in their seat. She had passed the ancient trial, and now she was to do as she pleased. She created a world, and the many stars and sun that will feed her planet. She gave it water, and plants to give it a beautiful look, but she felt that it was never enough. She created her long lost companion, Miron, to give her what she never had. They made love, and she whispered to him, “I wish for you to make life for my world, give it what we wish to make.”So that is what Miron did for his wife. He created the animals, then the fish. Then he finally created the humans that would be the dominant species. As she had her first child, they named him Chenba, and made him the heir to his Mother. As time passed they had more children, and without them knowing, the Evil Ancient gods devised revenge. They scrounged what little strength they had left and created Jinnan, a sister to Celesta, one that would wreak havok. The world that was so peaceful, was plunged into conflict, following Jinnan’s influence. No ,matter what Celesta did, she could not remove this plight to her world, and could only fight it on her own plane, and fear for her son who went to help his aunt, his son Chenba.

    Salamantite Religion:
    They do not have a true “Religion”, they believe more in that the living creatures of the world create their own fate. They believe fate is what guides all of the world. They do not truly believe in gods and goddesses.
    Owner: lukemacu
    Co-Owner: greeno96
    Admin(s): Silent_Shino
    Honorable Chairman: jonhan2
    Moderator(s): Xtronify
    Designers: DunderMifflinDMI, tylerthebrain
    Trial Moderator(s):
    Whitelisters: All the Staff

    1. Use Common Sense, Friends
    2. Do not Meta Game (Using OOC Information for IC Purposes)
    3. Do not Power Game (Doing something in RP that is not like your character or Godly (Kills ten men at once alone)
    4. Only Magic User is Greeno96 No others will be allowed without training from Greeno96.
    5. Master Mage (greeno96) has many abilities, if he abuses them tell luke, just in case
    6. Follow the Lore, you dont NEED to read it all, but read the lore on your Race at least
    7. No Racism, Sexism, and Religion talking IN THE OOC chat. RP is fine
    8. Try to build with Primarily Wood, and try to settle near others
    9. If you actually read this, write in your app “Filthy Tribals”
    10. Use the Texture pack, it will help the RP flow
    11. RP with people, it is fun if you join the Server for it’s PURPOSE
    12. No Killing on Sight(KoS)
    13. Do not, under any circumstance say in the Skype, the OOC chat or any other Out of Character means of communitcation, say that you are in a fight. If you do, and it leads to other players coming to your aid it will be classified as meta on your part and you will be temp-banned.

    RP Experience (We love new people as well):
    Any Previous Bans (Won't stop us from whitelisting you, just want to see honesty):
    Did you Read the Rules:

    Fears (Need at least one)
    Skills (Try to limit this, and add to Backstory):
    (If City Stater Only) What City State where you born in?:
    Backstory (Try for two longish paragraphs)(You can of course apply as a Nur-Agon Shaman but we will scrutinize your app incredibly and you must follow the lore):

    Staff App:

    Time with us(Roughly):
    Past Staff Experience:
    Why should we pick you?(At least one long paragraph):
    Little Contract:Do you promise that you will listen to all superiors at all times, unless said superior is being highly foolish and against what the owners would want. Will you remain unbiased, and not abuse your power. If you break any of these simple rules, you will accept all punishment to you, be it from demotion to full ban.Do you agree?:

    Send these to us privately

    We want to do many mini events throughout our time, and do a Major Event every two weeks on Sunday. All of this will be said in the previous week in the News.

    A vast untapped land - Since Krinvala is a newly settled continent there are very few buildings. While we recommend you set up near the major rp spot(s) we won’t stop you building away from them. Also the size of your build doesn’t matter; if you have the resources, feel free to build a huge manor, just don’t encroach onto others land. RP land disputes could happen as a result
    Time Period - The Frontier of Krinvala is set around the early Steampunk/Victorian era. Go nuts.
    Experienced RPers - Myself, greeno96 and the other staff have been in the business for a long time, we know what we’re doing and strive to offer the best roleplay experience we can.
    Minor and Major events - We’ll schedule major rp changing events every 2 weeks or so. Minor events will happen whenever the staff are in the mood(and you are as well; we won’t force them onto you). All minor(and some Major) events will be DnD based.
    Thought out lore - You don’t have to read all the lore, but there is quite a bit there if you ever want to learn more, when you’re starting off just read the over all lore and the lore about your race. Reading the religion is not necessary(except for Shamans)
    Custom lore - Our lore is not based off any game so we can twist and alter the lore if ever we see fit, as well as add new things or people without worrying.
    Custom Items - Thanks to Crackshot and our Designers we have custom weapons, foods, drinks posions and more!

    <€5:-Title + Rank
    -Jesus horse(Spawned amazing horse)
    -Some nice horse armour
    -Title + Rank
    -Your own boat
    -Some money
    -Benefits of lower tier***
    -Title + Rank
    -Trinpolian Royalty
    -Defensive Manor
    -A LOT tonne of money
    -Ability to hire people(you're a lord)
    -Benefits of all the lower tiers***
    -Title + Rank
    -Free Hug
    -Will allow you to be a magi(When you start)
    -Benefits of all the lower tiers***
    €20:-Title + Rank-Custom Character(Within Reason)
    -Custom Item(Within Reason)
    -Benefits of all the lower tiers***
    -Title + Rank
    -Ability to be a dragon
    -Benefits of all the lower tiers***

    *Subject to more rewards based on donation
    **Tell us what you want before you donate, so you don't waste your money
    ***You cannot take everything from all the tiers at once, but they're all available
    ****You must be already whitelisted and have played for a week min.If we get enough we can upgrade the server for a period of time, more ram, slots and plugins.
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    posted a message on ~ | THE LORD OF THE CRAFT | ~ - ENTER ATHERA - ~ Officially the #1 Minecraft Roleplay Server

    Out-Of-Character Information

    The simplest section of the application! Simply answer these questions so we can get to know you a bit better.

    What’s your Minecraft Account Name?: - jonhan2

    How old are you?: - 16

    What time-zone do you live in?: - gmt +1

    Have you ever roleplayed before - if you have, how?: -

    Have you been on any other roleplaying servers?: - Yes, several actually

    Have you applied to this server before?(Please link past applications): - Yes http://www.lordofthe...es-application/

    How did you hear about us?: - Seen the minecraftForums thread for ages, plus I got convinced by a friend

    What do you think the server will be like? - Big, entertaining and quite the experience

    Have you read and agreed to the rules?: - Yes, yes I have

    What’s your favourite rule / the rule you agree with the most?: - The realistic building rules.


    This is simply so that we can get an understanding of how much you know about roleplaying. Feel free to Google the answers, but make sure that you write the reply in your own words, not another website / person's!

    What is roleplaying?: - Roleplaying means to be playing as a fictional character together with others doing the exact same thing, which is to play the life of your character and pretty much just be the actor within you.

    What’s metagaming?: - Using information you've gained from OOC when you are IC.

    What’s powergaming?: - Forcing an action upon your fellow roleplayer or not letting your fellow roleplayer react so you can win whatever situation you're in. Powergaming is mostly an issue when in RP figths.

    In-Character Information

    Now you actually make your character - be creative but stay reasonable! Make sure they make sense and that they follow lore. Try to come up with a character that you actually want to play.

    What’s your character called?: - Mithius Telvron

    What race are they (and sub-race)?: - Elf, Dark elf

    What sex are they?: - Male

    How old are they?: - 137

    Give us a brief description of their life - their story, childhood, family (Include server lore when writing): - Mithius was the only child of a successfull banking family in Abresi. Mithius was a rather solitary child who mainly spent his time either watching his father work or reading the many books in the library.

    Mithius being homeschooled steered his career choice into the banking business pretty swiftly. At the age of 17 he started working in the loan division of the family's bank.

    A few years after the fall of Abresi, the family bank went bankrupt, but not long after that a businessman by the name of Oliver Dunn wished to purchase the bank, Mithius now being the director sold the bank to the man. Mithius handed over the legal documents and keys to Dunn and was about to leave the room but then Dunn interrupted him "Wait, aren't you supposed to work here?" to which Mithius replied "What you talking about? You just bought the lot." Oliver chuckled and said "Why, I must've forgotten to tell you that I wish to have you work as the treasurer of my company, my 'extra pair of eyes' have seen how well you are with numbers and this line of work" Mithius now surprised said "Well, sir, that sounds satisfactory, I'm in."

    From then on, Mithius followed Oliver in his every footstep in his everlasting quest for wealth.
    (Keeping it short 'n sweet. firm believer in quality over quantity.)

    What are they like (personality)?: - Mithius is a determined and rather coldhearted man, rarely do emotions get in his way when money's in the picture. Although cold he is a jovial and trustworthy man.

    What are their ambitions?: - To lead his company into becoming the richest in the realm

    Do they have any special skills?: - Mithius is rather deceptive and analyctic. Not so very strong he relies on manipulating people into fighting for him when needed.

    What are their weaknesses?: - Physical weakness, he's not fit for a fight at all.

    Money, he can easily be persuaded or bribed if there's money involved and the plan isn't too far fetched.

    Give us a description of how they look (not a screenshot yet!)?: Mithius has bright red eyes with dark red hair w/ ponytail & beard. He wears a beige tunic with brown linings, under the tunic he wears a beige (different tone) and has some neat brown shoes on.

    Anything else you want to say about them?: No, not really, other than he has plans on working in the criminal underworld to increase his wealth(after a VA has been typed out, sent in and hopefully accepted of course)

    Please give us a screenshot of your character’s skin: Front (ears slightly visible on the sides of the head)http://gyazo.com/056...6be6e851442865a

    Back http://gyazo.com/41c...1393ab472328e3�
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    Quote from porky9441

    IGN: porky9441
    Age: 16
    Timezone: cst

    RP Query
    Define the following in your own words.
    Roleplaying: Living someone else’s life in a set theme or setting.
    Metagaming: Using a non rp source to acquire knowledge and use in rp
    Powergaming: Presuming an action has succeeded against another player.
    OOC / IC: Out of Character, In Character (staying in character)

    Name: Alector Blackfyre
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Short, light green eyes, red hair, a burn scar on his right hand,
    Personality: Selfish, but with a strange sense of honor. Quiet and calculating, he likes to take stock of a situation before acting, a creative thinker. Jokes occasionally, doesn’t get angry easily, but when he does he goes into a rage.
    Fears: Large Fires
    Dreams: To become rich and powerful.

    Backstory: Alector was born into a large family of five kids, including him, two boys and three girls. His father was a master stonemason and expected his sons to follow suit. From an early age Alector and his brother Tenzim were a mischievous bunch. They roamed the alleys of their city looking for adventure, finding it in the form of theft. The two brothers would steal food from stands and soon were pickpocketing people. As they grew older their father grew more concerned and angry at his sons. The line was broken when they were caught trying to pickpocket a guard. Their father found them and bribed the guard. He told his sons that if either were caught again he would not come for them. Soon enough Tenzim was caught pick pocketing from a drunken knight at a tavern. Alector watched on in silence as he brother was maimed, his hands being cut off. He died of infection later on. Alector left the city taking as much money as he could find in his house. He set off for a different city and once finding one used his money he started a gang called the Blackfyres. Adopting the name for himself he began his gang doing petty thefts and robberies. It was going well till a rival gang deemed them a threat. They set fire to the Blackfyre hideout with Alector barely escaping. His arm was badly burned and scarred from the fire, and he left the city promising himself he would turn a new leaf, in honor of his lost friends and brother.

    Accepted, and fun to see you again, Porky
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    Project's dead.
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    Quote from MeowMeowCat


    IGN: MewMewKitten

    Age: Will only tell if necessary.

    Timezone: Eastern Standard Time

    RP Query
    Define the following in your own words.
    Roleplaying: Roleplaying is the act of creating a character and being them, using their characteristics, mindset, etc. to control their actions.

    Metagaming: Metagaming is the act of using OOC-ly (Out of Character) knowledge IC. Example: Bob tells Joe in OOC that he is going to raid the keep in a few hours. If Joe tells the Guards IC that Bob is going to raid the keep, Joe would be Metagaming.

    Powergaming: Powergaming is the act of giving your character godlike traits, or forcing RP on to other people's characters without their reaction or consent to do so. Examples: "Godlike": Joe creates a bedrock skin around himself, anything that hits it shatter into dust, and anyone who touches it dies. "Forcing RP": Bob yanks Joe's knife out of his hand and stabs him with it.

    OOC & IC: "OOC": Out of Character, used to discuss with the players, not the characters. "IC": Used to interact with characters, not players.
    Name: Ryuzet Sedrickson
    Age: 23
    Appearence: Ryuzet is a young man of the age 23. He has thin, wispy brown hair that lays neatly on his head, with brown eyes to match. He is around 6 feet tall, with decent muscle mass. He wears a light blue jacket, with a white shirt underneath, and light gray leggings.
    Fears: Death, Forest Fires, and bandits.
    Dreams: To be successfully established within the new city.
    Backstory (Quality over quantity): Ryuzet was born into your typical city, where everybody knew eachothers name, and banditry was unheard of. However, unheard of never necessarily means unable to happen. It was a brisk morning, and Ryuzet was roaming the marketplace as he usually does. him being around the age of 12. Ryuzet has always aspired to become a merchant, ever since he was able to talk. A clatter of hooves and shouting had been heard down the way, but Ryuzet gave it no thought, as he climbed up into the back of a cart to grab a sack of apples. He gave it a mighty tug, and the sack simply gave way, bouncing apples all around the cart. As Ryuzet was cleaning up the apples, apologizing profusely to what seemed to be the merchant driver. As he looked up from the apples, to his shock, he saw a bandit on a horse. Having hitched up the cart, the bandit dug the heel of his boot into the horse, and the horse took off with a jolt, Ryuzet still being in the cart. A few days travel later, the bandits stopped for rest. Ryuzet seized this advantage, taking a few small tools with him, who knows if he would have to survive the wilderness? Ryuzet travelled for years, city to city, coast to coast, until he dawned upon Albion.

    I'll accept you, but please change your character name.
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    Nice art
    Requesting Lord ­Richard and Baron Robert :L
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