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    posted a message on "Shutting down internal server"
    My server said 'Shut Down' It wont start back up. How can i re-turn it on?
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    posted a message on === Server Looking For Staff === Not Yet Open ===
    Ign: theJAILER158

    Age: (Needs to be 11+ or over) (Don't lie!) 12 turning 13 in september

    Pass experience: I have had alot of experiance, I have had builder alot and i built spawns for some servers and other stuff.

    How long have you played minecraft for: since beta

    What is you're skype name: JailerCC

    How long can you dedicate to this server: I can help alot i will make it popular and awesome! i can build alot of stuff for the server and make it super fun! i will do whatever u want, i will build whatever you want i will be the best builder ever!! thanks :D ~Jailer

    Screen Shots: (Needed) (Do not use other players designs!)
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