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    Ahoy! Welcome to the Plundering Isles! *1.15.2 (works on 1.16)*

    IP: loot.plunderingisles.com

    Live out your pirate fantasy!

      • Sail the seas and start a crew! We have over 50 hand-crafted islands for YOU to explore!
      • Complete Lore-based and daily Quests to win epic rewards to boost the strength of your crew!
      • Loot, raid, and conquer enemy crews!
      • Battle custom, pirate-themed mobs like Leviathans, Piranhas, Sirens and more!

    Explore the world!

      • Visit our dynamic map and find the island that is perfect for you!
      • Use the power of Factions to claim land for your crew!
      • Visit many lore-based and pirate-themed locations, including the dangerous Sea of Monsters!

    Start a quest!

      • Use the dynamic map to find the starting location for our custom, Lore-based quests! OR, you can discover small, daily quests located all around the world.
      • Simply speak to the designated NPC (by right-clicking) to begin your journey.
      • Explore beautiful, yet mysterious, Lore-based islands and reveal their secrets!
      • Fight your way through custom boss battles! Be warned! You may need some more loot before you can take on these powerful creatures.

    Custom, pirate-themed mobs!

      • Including, but not limited to:
      • Leviathans
      • Piranhas
      • Sirens
      • Marine Soldiers
      • The Kraken! (coming soon)
      • Multiple Quest Bosses

    Join today for an authentic, Pirate-themed and lore-based adventure!

    * The server is currently in Early Access, meaning you can get extra rewards for providing valuable feedback in the early phases of this server. If you're looking for a new, unique experience that you can leave your mark on, join us!

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