About Me

Modded Minecraft gang. (:

I mainly play Geometry Dash (GD), and sometimes osu! . I'm active on Twitch, YouTube, Discord, and Steam.

I make modpacks, however not very often anymore. Kinda not active on this forum anymore lol

Click on the links below to go to said socials (if you want ofc, personally I wouldn't care about a random stranger's socials but some people do):

GD Profile

GD Forums Profile



osu! Profile


Why does it embed my Twitch? Half the time it isn't even my Twitch because I don't stream all that often. Ok then.

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Minecraft ThanosIsUgly Xbox ThanosIsUgly130 Steam ThanosIsUgly Twitch ThanosIsUgly Discord ThanosIsUgly#7556