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    posted a message on [1.7.10] GODZILLA MOD - NOW APART OF THE LEGEND MOD

    Can you guys tell me how long it takes for the mothra egg to hatch? I am playing v1.6.6. I couldn't find anything about this topic anywhere, I guess this forum is the last chance (before it closes down :( )

    Also, does it have to be brought to the overworld to hatch, or can it also hatch on Infant Island?

    Another thing would be the mothra larva - do I have to do something for it to become the cocoon, or does this just happen after a while? And then again - how long is this "while"? :)

    Thank you. I know you moved on to the newer version already, but maybe you find the time to share your precious knowledge ;)

    Edit: Found out myself. It takes about 4 hours in real time for the egg to hatch. Goodness gracious.

    The larva however only lasts one minecraft day. It will turn into the cocoon, even if you are riding it at the time. The cocoon also only exists for one minecraft day. Somewhat unbalaced in my opinion. How about 3 minecraft days for the egg and the cocoon, and the 4 real time hours for the larva? I hardly knew her :(

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Caveworld 2 - Adds more new cave dimensions!

    So for the handful of people left on this planet who still bother to deal with the Caveworld 1 mod:

    I found it quite difficult to gather information about this one. Apart from few Youtube videos and Kegares posts in arguable English, there is not much out there for Non-Japanese (and even the Japanese have to dig through all the pages of the respective Japanese thread if they look for a particular information. There does not seem to be any kind of Wiki).

    Therefore I’d like to give this summary of the things I found out while playing the Caveworld 1 mod to fill some informational gaps. I am aware that meanwhile Kegare published the Caveworld 2 mod, which is somewhat easier to handle than Caveworld 1 AND better documented in terms of dimensional travel, BUT AGAIN, it’s for the few people left who, for whatever reason, still play Caveworld 1.

    This relates to version 1.9.7 of the Caveworld 1 mod. I didn’t play the earlier versions and can’t tell much about those except for assumptions based on things I read on this forum.


    1. How to get to the Caveworld
        • Build a portal frame out of mossy cobblestone
        • Light it by placing an ender chest inside
        • Enter the portal

    2. How to get out of the Caveworld
        • Enter the portal on the other side (You don’t say!)

    Deep Caveworld

    1. How to get to the Deep Caveworld
        • Gather at least 1000 mining points by mining ores in the Caveworld.
        • Dig down to y-level 1 in the Caveworld.
        • There is no bedrock, however the stone on level 1 is a bit harder to break than usual stone. Mine a hole in the stone layer on height 1.
        • Jump in the void under this hole
        • NOTE: If you attempt this with less than 1000 mining points, you won’t get to the Deep Caveworld. Instead you’ll be teleported somewhere in the Caveworld.
    2. How to get out of the Deep Caveworld
        • Mine upwards till you reach y-level 255.
        • Mine a hole in the stone layer on height 255 (again, this stone is a bit harder to break through than usual stone)
        • Climb through that hole
        • NOTE: In earlier versions it seems that you needed at least 10000 mining points to leave the Deep Caveworld judging by some posts in this thread (and I believe I read something about 5000 mining points somewhere, maybe related to a later version). However this has been completely removed, you can leave whenever you like.

    Aqua Caveworld

    1. How to get to the Aqua Caveworld
        • Kill a cavenic skeleton (to clear the way for the next achievement)
        • Kill a master cavenic skeleton to get the achievement “Master Cavenic Skeleton Slayer” – you need this achievement, otherwise the game won’t let you access the Aqua Caveworld. Have fun…
        • Go to the flooded undercaves in the Deep Caveworld
        • While submerged, right-click any block with either 1) cavenium, 2)refined cavenium, or later on 3) an aquamarine gem in your hand. You’ll have to be at least at height 14 or lower for it to work. BE AWARE that the piece of cavenium/aquamarine will be consumed in the process, so I would not use refined cavenium, for it is rare as heck.

    2. How to get out of the Aqua Caveworld
        • Right-click any block with either 1) cavenium, 2)refined cavenium, or 3) an aquamarine gem in your hand. No matter which height, no matter if submerged or not. Again, the cavenium/aquamarine in your hand is consumed in the process.


    You can customize a lot of stuff, like for example which ore spawns in which height and which weight. Also you can make any block spawn like an ore, for example diamond blocks – you can make it pretty OP if you wish. You can also add ores from other mods. To gain access to the customization controls, you can either

      1. Navigate to .minecraft\config\caveworld and change the config files there – not recommended,
      2. Or juse the ingame menu – recommended, because way more comfortable:
        • Launch Minecraft
        • In the main menu, click “Mods”
        • Look for the Caveworld entry and click it
        • Click on “Config”
        • Explore all the nice settings

    Hope I could be of service

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