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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!

    Minecraft Username: Teck321
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Country/Timezone: USA Central
    How someone should contact you: skype(crdhpx) or email([email protected])
    How long you've been playing Minecraft: about 3 years
    Some things that you like to do on the game: I like to play pretty much any game mode of minecraft
    Any additional things you want to say: I would really like to play a modded survival map or regular mod pack but I will play any other game mode of minecraft too

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    posted a message on NEW SURVIVAL SERVER!!! APPLY NOW!!!!
    1. Skype (Yes or no): Yes its cdrhpx ( I have a green light saber as a picture.)

    2. Age (Please be honest): 14

    3. Gender (Just to avoid problems): Male

    4. Country and Timezone: USA, Central Time Zone

    5. What do you like to do most in Minecraft?: I like hanging out with friends and playing multiplayer.

    6. What are your strengths and weaknesses?: Im not that great at pvp, and because I love minecraft i tend to know 99%( Its not 100 because i dont always know about some features but i know 99%) of it including mods, plugins, default minecraft, and redstone. (If I dont know about something Youtube is there to help me. :)

    7. How much do you think you could play?: whenever i can (My time can be limited depending on school but sometimes i have a lot of free time and I will contact you through skype or something if I cannot play for a while, only if u want me to contact u)

    8. Any other things you would like to include about yourself: I love Technology, i would like to play a cooperative survival with some players if they want to, and I don't mind helping people. :) By the way my in game name is Teck321.
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    posted a message on I'm looking for people to play minecraft with me on ps3/pc
    I'm not looking too play minecraft with on ps3 anymore I will accept the freind requests that were sent too me before this topic was posted.

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    posted a message on I'm looking for people to play minecraft with me on ps3/pc
    pc: Teck321 (i have a mic for this)
    psn: Teck321 (i have a mic for this)

    only age 16 and down if ur older reply to this topic with ur age and I'll think about it
    no cursing
    I'm only online after school
    send me a friend request on ps3 and reply in topic if u want to play pc and I will give u a way to contact me
    i will most likely be wanting to play minecraft whenever I'm online
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