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    Hi, welcome to the Fertile Earth WIP page!

    Fertile Earth

    The aim of this pack is to make Minecraft feel like a completely different game, visually. I wanted to have darker, more saturated colors, and generally make the world feel earth-ier. The dirt is dark and red, while the stone is striated and brown. Plant life thrives, and the greens are rich and deep.

    I am only about 15% complete with the pack right now, but feel free to critique or give suggestions about what you would like to see changed! I am not a professional at all and would love some advice.


    Imgur Gallery Here, with descriptions

    Forest Town

    Improved Iron Bar Model!

    Current Major Tweaks

    • Villagers are owls with owl sounds
    • Iron Golems have pieces that fall off of them
    • Iron Fences have new and improved model
    • Most basic world blocks complete to try to make unified world environment

    Planned updates/tweaks

    • Illagers/Pillagers will be evil eagle people with their own sounds
    • Redo gold/Lapis ore
    • Villager clothes (keeping the librarian glasses though- too cute!)
    • WATER & LAVA
    • Sky, moon, sun
    • More tweaks to biome colors
    • More tweaks to models, especially plant life (make flora more alive)
    • Multiple entity textures through optifine (cows will be all colors of highlander, etc.)
    • Items (this will likely be near the end, as I want to world itself to be complete before gameplay)
    • HUD/Particles (might be done earlier)

    Download here

    I've been working on this for a while, and tend to do around 5 textures a month, so progress is slow. If I get enough feedback, it may motivate me to work faster ;)

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