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    posted a message on Redstone is clunky, always has been, and there should be a non-clunky alternative

    While it is possible to build some pretty elaborate stuff in Minecraft using redstone, it typically requires a ton of space. In addition the game has poor support for sending power up or down.

    For example, if you want a building with multiple floors and each room has a lever or button that turns on an overhead light in the room, it requires that the space between the ceiling and the floor above be 3 blocks thick (one layer for the ceiling, one layer of air that the redstone goes in, and then one layer for the floor of the room above). This is a tremendous waste of building space. And if you are trying to create something that incorporates an if|then|else structure, it's going to basically require building a room just to handle that.

    The solution is obvious. Allow all solid, non-transparent blocks to have two versions: for wired vs. non-wired. You make a block wired by putting it in the crafting table with redstone. What comes out looks the same (or perhaps has a small 2x2 pixel redstone bump on each surface to denote that it has changed) but is named something like "oak wood planks (r)" with the r meaning it has redstone embedded in it. A block that is wired, if receiving power from any one direction, outputs power in all 6 directions. So a chain of these mixed in with the regular blocks in your floor/ceiling allows redstone power to be sent along that line. And the floor/ceiling only needs to be 1 block thick instead of 3. And you can send power up and down without having to use some wonky work-around.

    I am not proposing to replace the redstone system we have already with this. I don't want to break existing stuff people have built. I just think they should add this in addition to what we have now to allow for redstone that is cleaner, more compact, and more easily hidden.

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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    I haven't played Minecraft in a while, but it's great to see that there is still so much interest in this mod. It definitely belongs in the vanilla game, with a custom setting for world generation to limit the height to whatever the player wants. In my opinion, there are 3 huge mods that belong in the vanilla game: Cubic Chunks, a mod to allow control of frequency and parameters of many terrain objects during world creation, and that Japanese mod that allows block rotation and moving of blocks as grouped objects.
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    posted a message on Minecraft News - 1.5, Holiday Goodies and More
    Quote from theBlobLord

    Because that would be a lie.
    Once you have coded your own game and it has gotten as successful as Minecraft, you can explain to Mojang how they can improve theirs. They are working on it now, but unlike what 12 year olds like you might think, coding a game is not a matter of "Hey let's add this" and it gets added. It's a time-consuming process, and they need to make it possible for a mod to add ANYTHING.
    I'm sure they could add some kind of filter that allowed people to add blocks, but this needs to work for anything human minds can come up with. It was never going to come out in 1.5 anyway, at Minecon they confirmed it for (I believe) 1.6. Maybe you should stop being a greedy idiot and think about them.

    If I was coding a game and every time I tried to add something people asked for mods, I would stop bothering. You are basically saying nothing they do will ever be good enough for you.


    /rage over
    (oh and yes, i'm mad bro)

    That would be valid if they had never said they were going to add the modding API, or even if 1.5 was the first version that they suggested they would add it in. But they've been suggesting this since 1.0, with apologies that it hadn't come out yet by 1.2 and promises that it was coming in 1.3, followed by again being delayed to 1.4, followed by yet again a promise that 1.5 would be dedicated purely to the modding API. I'm sorry, but this boy has cried wolf too many times. Of course Mojang is not required to create a modding API; they are not required to do anything else besides the game that already exists. But they really need to stop putting out a notice for every update that they are adding a much-desired feature only to later say "fooled you!" again and again. It's not professional behavior, and it's disruptive to the modding community, as many modders may decide not to take on a modding project "the old way" due to a promise by Mojang that the official API is coming out in the next version.

    Whether the modding API is coming out in 1.5 or coming out 10 years from now, they need to stop promising it if they aren't certain they can deliver it. Imagine if Blizzard had advertized an expansion for Diablo 3 with new character classes, new areas, etc... and then a day before the release they reveal that the expansion is actually just going to be bug-fixes. Do you really believe players of that game would sit quietly and say "well, they don't owe us anything anyway, so we're not going to complain that they said one thing and did another."?

    Even this 12-year-old can see this doesn't work.
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    posted a message on Advanced screenshot rendering options
    Right now, the screenshot function is limited to producing an image exactly like what you see playing the game. I think we can do better than this.

    My suggestion is that when you take a screenshot using the advanced rendering options, the game pauses and you can select some options. Most importantly, the options allow the screenshot to be generated with any rendering distance you want. Want to render everything up to 100 km away? That's 100,000 blocks distance, probably involving a volume of somewhere on the order of 2,560,000,000,000 blocks. This is way beyond a playable render distance, and not surprisingly the game doesn't give you the option to do that. But if you are only using that render distance for a screenshot, and don't mind the game pausing for however long it takes to perform that render (maybe an hour or two, I really have no idea), there's no problem provided your computer has sufficient disk space to use for memory requirements beyond whatever RAM you have.

    The obvious reason for this... I'm sure you have noticed that whenever someone puts up a youtube video of their impressive skyscraper-filled city, it can only show a very small part at a time, constantly unloading parts of the city as you move around. There is currently no way to get the game to show you the entire city at once. This would solve that problem (although not for videos).

    This would also allow screenshots at maximum image settings regarding AA and HD tilesets even for computers that don't normally have the power to play with those. Again, assuming you're willing to wait while it renders.
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    posted a message on Proposal: Eliminate mob grinders
    Quote from Keybounce

    And then, there's a game called "Minecraft survival". It has rules -- you cannot just do anything. Rules that restrict what you can and cannot do.

    Actually, you can. It's called "modding." And it's completely endorsed by the developers. Survival isn't about the developers trying to create specific rules that everyone is forced to live by (otherwise notch and jeb would be opposed to modding). It's about creating a game with the set of rules that allows for a game that makes the greatest number of players enjoy the game experience as possible. Survival is the "default" version of survival mode, designed to cater to the largest audience. Modding is how outliers of that audience tweak the game to make it better for their own needs. I would have asked "have you considered modding it out of your game" but like I said, you're not happy unless you can apply this change to everyone else as well, whether they like it or not.

    People like jeb_, notch, dinnerbones, etc., are all trying to restrict what you can and cannot do.

    I'm just trying to point out additional restrictions that seem to be sensible.

    Now, are people like notch and jeb_ really in "the worst category" of minecraft players? Do you like the rules that they have? Do you think the rules should be changed?

    No, because notch and jeb make rules changes with intent of making the game more enjoyable for everyone, while you propose rules changes with the intent of making the game better for yourself at the expense of everyone else's enjoyment. Do you really not understand this difference?

    I'm just pointing out that this is a rule behavior that Notch has stated was bad, that Jeb seems to have stated is nothing more than "We never got rid of it before", and here is a proposal for removing it that is relatively easy to implement.

    Show me that notch and jeb believe that players shouldn't be able to create mob grinders.

    So my question to you: Would this rule change -- only minimal free XP, only minimal free drops without risk -- make for a better game, given that it's a game with rules and restrictions?

    For you and a couple other people, perhaps. Not for most people.
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    posted a message on Can't Place Birch slab onto Oak Slab?
    Yeah, it's important to understand how the game currently handles double-slabs... It's not actually storing two slab blocks on top of each other. It converts them into an entirely different block that appears to resemble two slabs and drops 2 slabs when broken. In the game code, though, it's a single block completely different from the slabs. That's why you can't stack different types.
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    I should have added, part of the reason the game needs options instead of just a change in the terrain generation procedure is that Minecraft players have different objectives. For the adventuring exploring type, the old style of dramatic hills everywhere is certainly more fun. But for people who want to built cities and other large projects in a "legit" game, the new terrain generation is much better. I speak from experience in saying that clearing out those hills in the older version so you have enough flat area to build your project is incredibly tedious.
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    posted a message on What Have Griefers Done To You? whats Your story
    They pick up random blocks around my farm when I'm off mining underground. It's a nuisance to come back and find blocks in weird places or just missing altogether. Sometimes I don't even notice until probably long after it has happened, since I don't really feel like doing a detailed maintenance check of my farm every time I return from the underground. Unfortunately, the only way to "ban" them would also prevent me from obtaining certain items like ender pearls and blaze rods.
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    posted a message on Can the Ender Chest be picked back up? If so...it's far overpowered.
    Quote from RAcaseal

    Saying "Lol dont use it" is a defense force easy out.

    Actually, I think it's hilarious that some people believe it isn't a valid argument.

    For multi-player, any server can easily disable any crafting recipe. The problem for multi-player is solved.

    For single-player, who cares? You can turn your game into Creative mode at any time and attain godly power. You're already using the "lol just don't use it" argument for Creative mode, so why is this any different? I think that any minor nuisance of you having to know that the option is there is far outweighed by the thousands of other people that want to use this item. Why should they have to give up the item they want just so that you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you don't have to worry about giving into temptation to use an item you don't want? It's seriously one of the most arrogant and selfish attitudes I see frequently with regard to this game. You play the game you want, let other people play the game the way they want.
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    posted a message on Ender chests --- Good, Bad, and Ugly
    Quote from Benimatic

    Adding any sort of convienence to a game like Minecraft ends up removing some gameplay.


    ...the fun of transporting items long distances.

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