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    Himeji is an application that creates top-down renders of maps. Currently, Himeji (hopefully) supports all versions between Beta 1.3 and 1.16.1, with the ability for the user to input new blocks and biomes that may be added in future versions. Some very specific snapshot versions may have issues, such as the 1.13 snapshot where the block IDs were flattened.

    Himeji was originally created to help me plan and organize my build of the Himeji Castle, which is where its name is derived from.


      • Customize each block's output colors
      • Marking blocks as invisible, having them be ignored when rendering
      • Biomes can be customized in multiple ways:
        • Grass, foliage, and water tints can be changed individually
        • To what degree the blocks are tinted
        • Which blocks are considered grass, foliage, or water
      • Whether to render the map at night, and how bright the ambient light is during night renders
      • Change the transparency of water, adjusting how much blocks below it are tinted by the water's color
      • Adjust how intense the elevation shadows and highlights are, or remove them entirely
      • Speed up the render by choosing to render only a certain area of the map.
        • Save areas as presets to quickly render them again in the future
      • Limited Mod compatibility: Add blocks and biomes from mods from version 1.13+


    Biome Colors:

    picture alt

    Night Brightness:

    picture alt

    Shadow Intensity:

    picture alt

    Water Transparency:

    picture alt

    GitHub: https://github.com/TakenouchiTR/Himeji

    Direct Download: https://github.com/TakenouchiTR/Himeji/blob/master/HMV.jar?raw=true

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