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    posted a message on (18+) MATURE laid back server

    - IGN: Synisteria
    - Age: 33
    - Tell us about yourself, why we should add you, and where are you from?
    I'm currently living in Kentucky, not from here but I claim it as home. Working on learning JavaScript and improving my HTML and CSS skills in hopes of landing a job in web development in the (hopefully near) future, in the mean time I'm working a part time retail job so my schedule is a bit all over the place. I'm a pretty laid back person, also very much on the quiet side before I get to know folks, but I am hoping to make some new friends to minecraft with. It's been lonely playing solo.

    - Why do you play minecraft? Whats your favorite part? What are you good at?:
    I like to put on some music, relax, and build or gather...or whatever I happen to be in the mood for at the moment. I really enjoy detailing, figuring out interiors, and terraforming. I'm good at hoarding, thankfully that's only true for minecraft and not real life. :lol:

    - Do you agree with all the rules above and what you think about them?
    Absolutely! The rules are the reason I'm applying.

    - Why do you want to join specifically this server?
    I'm looking for a small community of mature people, without toxic players. It looks like a great fit to me.

    - Anything further you'd like to say:
    I've spent most of my minecraft time on bedrock edition - Xbox 360 then to PS4. I just got access not long ago to a computer that will actually run java, and I'm super excited about it as I'm more of a PC gamer. I think a small, friendly community is exactly what I need to bring me to java edition full time.

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    posted a message on Secure Kingdoms | Whitelisted Vanilla SMP | 1.16.4 | Long Lasting Since 2014 | Fun Community | Season 7 |

    IGN: Synisteria

    Name (First name or nickname): Cara, or Syn

    Age: 33

    Timezone/Country: EST, KY, US

    Do you have/use Discord?: No, but I'm willing to sign up if necessary.

    Will you follow the rules?: Of course I will!

    Why do you want to join this server?: I'm relatively new to Java edition and am hoping to find a good group of people to play with. I enjoy smaller communities rather than large public servers which I have avoided so far. I'm not really a fan of mods, but I do like the addons listed here.

    Do you have a YouTube or Twitch channel?: I have a YouTube channel, but I don't use it for gaming.

    What sort of player are you? (Builder/Minner/PVPer/etc): More of a small scale builder, hoping to learn some redstone and other game mechanics as well as find some inspiration for larger builds.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: On and off since 2012, mostly solo on Xbox 360 and PS4. Looking forward to making the switch to Java with a community.

    Do you have any other multiplayer games?: No, Minecraft is the only game I really want to play or have time for at this point.

    Anything else you would like to add: I'm a very laid back person and like to help when I can. Hope to meet you all soon!

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