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Hello My name is swatforest. This is weird writing about myself, so I'll try and be humble (I'll probably fail though).

Who am I?: I am a Boy Scout, rank life (almost eagle ), and go on quite a few camp outs. I am in high school, and take a lot of advance maths. I am also learning how to program and beginning to work on my own plugin. Oh yeah just an after thought, I am also learning how to blacksmith (yes, like sword; And no, I will not make you one).

A bit about myself:
I am in the 11th grade, in Boy scouts (as stated above), go on outdoor adventures, play games, and go shooting. I am learning programing and blacksmithing. I am also working on a few literary projects but they may be scrapped depending on the outcome and time consumption.

What do I do on the forums?
I was/still am active in the clan section. I am also active in the support section, mainly the server support. I like to help others with their server issue, and I hope to be a forum moderator.

Where can you find me?
If you really need me (which would surprise me), the you will most likely find me in the server support subforum, the clans subforum, or the official off topic chat. If you really, really need me (I would have no idea why you would), you could PM me. If you want to ask me something (don't know why you would ask me), then you can email me at [email protected] (no spamming or you will suffer my wrath :3). You can skype me if you wish, swatforest or Forest.

Can I play MC with you?
Depends; if I am at school, no; if I am home, maybe; and weekends (unless camping), yes. Want me to join a server, pm it to me (I guess).

Well, thats all the info someone needs to know.
Thanks for your time
need to update, meh later
Interests Minecraft Java Lua Blacksmithing History Math

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