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    Come join mine its massive look at my new thread!

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    Hi I am Superbuilder854,

    I currently have a world on minecraft. It consists of a few towns around 6-8 that are still expanding. Im wondering if anyone would like to play on my world we can build enjoy minecraft life. You can have your own town. Build a shop. Make a state. Even be a housebuilder! You can even have a farm and sell food. When you first join you get 500 diamonds (starter money) Your allowed to choose a house and get your first house free. After that you have to pay. Food and drinks aswell as windows, cars, wallpaper, renovations, new floors, Gardens all cost money to do sometimes can sneakily let you get away with having them free.


    Accommodation is free at first as I have said just then. You can edit houses anyway do ANYTHING you can have multiple houses aswell. Social housing: If you cant afford a house Example: You rented a hosue and didn't pay your rent and got kicked out of it. You can go into social housing wich is a free accommodation for people who can't afford a house.

    My xbox username is Superbuilder854 please join!

    Some images below of a few streets.


    There is around 13 towns CURRENTLY in my world and all of them are expanding quickly feel free to come and help us expand! The houses all have there unique history as many players have lived in them before. In any town you have the freedom to juts ask to build something. Feel free to buikd your own town aswell.

    Traffic connections

    All towns have roads connecting them as we have a car mod. Cars can go fast but you need a driving license wich costs around 3 diamonds. I would recommend keeping it in your car boot.

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