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    NyanCatCraft -UPDATED- A community for kids and teens, in both Creative and Survival mode!

    Hello everyone!

    After spending some time looking for kid friendly servers in this forum for my 8 year old kid, I realized that there are just a few of them, so I decided to host a new server, and invite everyone in the same boat we are, in that age range of 7 to 15 years (or with a kid in that age range).

    We started a few months ago as a survival server, but I realized there are a lot of kids that like playing in creative mode, so we've decided to allow it in our server, you can play in whatever gamemode you like.

    Anyone with an interest of being part of a small but friendly community is welcome!

    Player applications through Discord or through this thread.
    We're also creating a Xbox Live club and chat because Discord has banned some users for being under 13 years old, so please leave your GamerTag so I can invite you to join!

    Instant Discord invite: https://discord.gg/gUHtCZR

    Since Discord EULA states that you should be at least 13 years old to use Discord, if you're under that age, please either get help from your parents, or post your application in this thread.

    Server Type: Mojang's Bedrock Dedicated Server (Pocket), NO MODS. (For those who don't know, this server is compatible with the following editions of Minecraft: Windows 10, Mac, XBox, PS4, iOS, Android.)

    IP Address:
    Port: 25626

    Whitelist Enabled: Yes

    Server Rules:

    - No PVP:

    This is a cooperative, friendly, no player versus player server, DO NOT attack people unless you both agree to PVP.

    - No Griefing:

    Please, be respectful of other peoples buildings and belongings, do not destroy or modify things that were built by another player.

    - No Stealing:

    People work hard to get they stuff they have, so, if you need something, you can ask and most likely there's going to be someone who's willing to help you anyway he/she can, but please do not get into someone else's house or take anyone else's stuff (unless you're invited to do so)

    - No insulting:

    This is a kid friendly server, swearing, insulting, or any kind of rude attitud is just not accepted, this will help to have a healty environment for everyone.

    - Land: You can build wherever you want, but please leave enough room for expansion for you and your neighbours, otherwise, you'll probably have to eventually relocate to a more spacious area.

    - Voice Chat: Not required but available through Discord. (please ask permission from your parents before engaging in a voice chat session.

    Not following these rules will result on a permanent ban.

    Please provide the following information for access to NyanCatCraft:

    -- Gamer Tag:
    -- Age:
    -- Regional Location:
    -- Reason for choosing NyanCatCraft:
    -- Reffered by:

    See you on NyanCatCraft!

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