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    posted a message on Looking for experienced and active Moderators for my brand spanking new SMP server.

    Hello. I am currently developing my SMP server for 1.16+. Since it is in development, there is no public IP out yet.

    I do have discord, but not a discord server yet as I want to finish my server first before I move on.

    I am looking for active Moderators who are relatively closer to my timezone of PST. Anyone who is 13+ is most preferred.

    If you would like to apply, please reply to this forum thread and I'll contact you in discord, as that is my main source of communication.


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    posted a message on I'm willing to host a JAVA server for whoever has experience and is willing to put time and effort in.

    That's nice that you are helping people :D

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    posted a message on 🔱Vasili Towny 🔱 | BRAND NEW MINECRAFT TOWNY | All positions are Open | Need Helpers and Builders Too! |

    About Vasili Towny

    This server is completely brand new. The name of our server means "Monarchy and "elegantness" in Latin times. We are a brand new upcoming towny server that has a goal of creating the best possible towny experience in the newest version of Minecraft (1.14.4) and letting our players experience a new biome of what it was like back in Medival Monarchy times in Europe!


    1. You must be 14+. No exceptions.
    2. You must have a working microphone, and able to communicate easily in discord.
    3. The ability to record footage on the server.

    Positions Available

    Trainees (As many as possible) - You will be expected to simply monitor the chat, and answer the communities questions. You will also be expected to just simply talk with anyone and make their experience here just a tiny bit better!

    Builder (4 Needed) - You are in charge of any building work on the server itself. You are expected to build some structural works such as houses, farms, etc. As builders, you reserve the right to retrieve your work and remove it, from the server if needs be. You are also expected to create a fun environment for our community, such as just casually chatting with them from time to time.

    Developer (2 Needed) - (Filled) You are in charge of the system/technically side of the server. You may be asked to help configure some plugins to our exact desire, and/or create plugins from scratch. As developers, you reserve the right to retrieve your work and remove it, from the server, if needs be. We look for quality, and the effort that you put it in, not complete perfection.

    Media personal (3 Needed) - You will be an official advertiser of our server. You are allowed to create videos of the server and endorsing it. You must record decent videos and help us grow as a community.

    How to Apply

    Please join the discord server link below. From there, you will find the #staff-applications, and follow the instructions from there.


    Once you are finished, please reply to this thread, notifying that you have submitted your application.

    Note: We are discussing possible/future payment options for our developers and our content creators. It will be based on quality.

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