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    Come play with us on the Imperial Alliance Minecraft server! We are a 24/7 building, survival and pvp server hosted from a fast and secure data center. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable gameplay experience in an environment of mature players and fair all-day-round moderation.

    We have a fresh map! Started on 3/5/12!

    Our server offers a customized configuration in order to provide you with some of the best of what Minecraft currently has to offer:

    New players start out as guests, but can instantly apply for residency through our forum. As a resident your building area will be greatly expanded, and many additional options become available. Look around in our spawn area for more information.
    Residents get access to an extensive range of warp options, making travel as easy as typing a single command. Combine this with a bordered world and you’ll see how our server has a strong and close community, but at the same time also has plenty of space for you to start.
    Central to the gameplay of our server is the Factions mod, which allows you to create your own or join an existing clan with members, secured territories and flexible power levels. You can wage war on other factions or build a secure community with friends, everything and anything is possible!

    We are looking forward to see you around and very happy to see our member numbers growing by the day. Naturally you’re always free to contact our administrators or moderators if you’ve any questions.
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    Imperial Alliance
    Server IP: mc.clania.net

    Location: One of the best data centers in Chicago, IL USA
    Note: You do not need to be a resident to be able to come on and build!

    Current [Larger] Imagehttp://jestgameservers.com/stragisftp/map.png
    IA is a free build server.
    The place to show your creative designs!
    Role Playing is encouraged but not required!
    Protection is available upon request for artisans and donors.
    Cartography updated daily!

    Apply for Resident

    How long have you been playing Minecraft:
    Why do you want to play on our server:
    Has a player on our server recommended you?

    Apply for Mod or Admin
    Post mod applications in this thread
    With Subject “Mod/Admin App”
    Followed by-
    Previous exp as Mod/Admin.
    What can you do for the server.
    Time zone & play hours.
    And anything else you think might help.
    Do you have ventrilo and a mic?

    Addons, Mods & Plugins

    [o] Hey0s
    [o] Cuboid
    [o] iConomy
    [o] SessionProtect (Anti-dupe)
    [o] GriefAlert (To stop griefers)
    [o] Llamacraft
    [o] Leaf Dropper
    [o] World Gaurd

    Many more to come!

    Server Specs

    Xeon 3460 4×2.8~3.2GHz (Server Class i7)
    2GB DDR3 RAM (we share an undisclosed amount)

    All donations go twords keeping the mine craft server running. The staff and administrators will never receive any monetary gain from donations.
    Donation Rewards under development If you have a request e-mail with amount and what you want

    I would much prefer you use "send money" within paypal and select personal. You can click my e-mail address to send money to the server -> using paypal.

    The button below is a little easier to use but takes 2.5%+$.30 off of each transaction.

    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron: Basic Donator :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    Donations of at least $1.00 will receive our basic donation package:
    Basic Donators will receive one special request IE cuboid, protection, special items (there is still a blacklist but you can ask)

    :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: Gold Donator :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar:
    Donations of at least $5.00 will recieve our Gold Donation package:
    Basic donators will receive a Yellow player name.
    1 Full suit of diamond armor
    Stacks of basic materials (cobble, planks)
    1 Grief protection cuboid upon request (there are size limits)
    Reserved player slot for 1 month

    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: Diamond Donator :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
    Donators of at least $10.00 will recieve our Diamond Donation package:
    Diamond donators will recieve a Yellow Player name.
    Diamond armor kit
    Stacks of basic materials
    Grief protection upon request
    Reserved player slot for 1 month

    PVP Rules of Engagment [Under construction]
    1. Kill a player, anything dropped is fair game
    2. A players chest should be respected, bear in mind if they leave it out in the open/ discoverable it is subject to grevience anyways, admins are not responsible for chest contents. The safest place for your wealth is in iconomy or in the bank. Protected chests are available to server donors.
    3. If you kill a mod / admin, they might kill you back, and have every right to, if you are killed by an admin un-provoked please report it immediatley, with a screen shot and a time stamp so that I may investigate it. ->
    4. A player cannot kill the same player more than once in a 15 minute period unless in a formal declared war. This is to prevent greifing. If you are subject to this - see rule 3 for reporting.
    5. Do not trespass on a players while they are offline and cannot defend themselves. Anyone caught will be warned once, Killed twice, booted if they continue.
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